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This time around, we’re putting new IABC Board member, Megan Taylor, through the intense griller that is the IABC’s ‘5 minutes’ segment.


Hi Megan. As Chair – Sponsorship for the IABC, what keeps you busy?

I’m new to the IABC Board and the Sponsorship portfolio, so right now, I’m focused on getting up to speed and meeting our current professional partners, Most Contentious and Coral Communications.


You specialise in Internal Comms. What do you think are Internal Comms’ biggest opportunities and challenges today?

I don’t want to be predictable and say social media, but I do think that it has a profound impact on the way we think about communication within organisations.

We humans are social animals – we have a primal desire to connect with others and build trusted and meaningful relationships. Social media provides us with the means to reach out and connect with others and it gives us a voice and the means to be heard.

From an internal communication perspective, social media has “democratised” communication within organisations. Employees still want to hear from the CEO, but they also expect to be able to have a voice, particularly in those matters that impact them directly.

So from that perspective, social media has provided us with a great opportunity to re-engage with employees.  On the flipside, the challenge is for us to not get hung up on the sexy technology side of social media but to really focus on how we use social media within our organisations to build relationships and drive collaboration, innovation and engagement.


If there was one piece of advice you’d give to a fellow communicator, what would it be?

Get out of your seat and spend time talking with your company’s employees and stakeholders. You might think you don’t have the time and there are other more important things to do, but honestly, you will learn so much about the company and how your stakeholders really think and feel about the business. Your communication strategies will be better for it, and you will have some valuable insights to share with the execs in the C-suite.


What do you value most about the IABC?

The regular opportunities to come together and talk with others in the profession. It’s easy to get caught up in our own world. Coming to an IABC event is a great way to build your professional network and to share ideas about dealing with common challenges.


What’s your favourite movie? What about favourite song?

I don’t have just one favourite movie or song: I’m much too fickle for that! But when it comes to movies I tend to stray towards comedies; I love a good belly laugh. Zoolander and Something About Mary are two of my favourites. As for songs, Riptide by Vance Joy is featuring heavily on my playlist at the moment.


Megan Taylor is General Manager at Primal Communication, a specialist communication agency that helps organisations get the most out of communication and improve business performance.