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Melinda is a new-ish IABC member, so we were keen to know her thoughts about the IABC and why membership is important to her.

Why did you join IABC?

I'm very eclectic in my professional and personal interests. I'm curious about everything as I think many disciplines and ideas are interrelated and you can gain insights and understanding from observing industries or fields of study that may not immediately appear related. I like shaping new ideas to create change. By joining IABC I can meet professional colleagues with similar interests who have a broad range of experiences. I can learn from their knowledge and hopefully share some of my own ideas in an ongoing process of education. I enjoyed working at Australia Post but after a long period I decided that I'd like a fresh start to look at other industries and cultures. IABC keeps my knowledge current, while giving me the opportunity to network and look at other career opportunities. You just never know…


What aspect of membership do you value most?

Information is currency. I value continuous learning and meeting new people. I also enjoy the variety of subjects that presenters cover, all of which has a cumulative effect on building your professional knowledge and skills. Dionne Lew and Trevor Young recently presented 'Digital Darwinism' and they inspired me. It's terrific to see excellent practitioners in their field sharing their knowledge and thoughts, using current data and information. As communication professionals we have to have a natural antenna for the latest issue/idea and how to communicate that and gain stakeholder buy in, especially for digital and social media.


Would you recommend IABC to your colleagues?  If yes, why?

Yes! You don't know what you don't know so why not immerse yourself in an organisation that is all about best practice and ongoing education. You always learn something relevant that you may not have thought about previously. It's also great to meet new people and share ideas. 


Melinda Coyne is a Senior Communications advisor. After over 10 years with Australia Post, Melinda is currently consulting to various SME's across their online and digital strategy, brand development, and content.

Amanda Riley, Communications Chair IABC Victoria