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Entering the 2013 IABC Gold Quill Awards? Here are some tips to help you develop a strong submission.


1.     Take advantage of all resources available. The IABC Gold Quill website contains an array of information to assist in preparing your submission including an overview of what the judges are looking for within each section of your submission.

2.     Clear and concise submissions are a must! Keep to the 4 page limit, ensure you’ve clearly articulated the business problem/ opportunity and that your measurements align to the project objectives.

3.     Avoid terminology and acronyms in your writing as these may not be understood by international judges.

4.     Less is more when it comes to work samples. Select materials that support the story depicted in your work plan. Go for creative, interesting and unique collateral that’s sure to catch the judges’ eye.

5.     Seek feedback from an IABC mentor, your peers, friends and family. Invaluable feedback can sometimes come from those not familiar with your project or the communications profession. Need help with finding a mentor – contact Belinda Lawrie.