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Agility. Data-driven insights. Purpose. Tailored content. Programmatic. Collaboration. Measurement.

These are the words that are popping up over and over. throughout ubiquitous articles on 2015 trends in communication, digital and marketing. Although I don’t think we can be expert in all of these as communication professionals I do believe it is important to keep up with professional development and trends to know what we can optimise and leverage.


Professional Development

In 2015, you’ll see the ramping up of activity in the professional development space from IABC. The IABC Academy is now offering online workshops and webinars starting this month. These range from four to eight week courses delivered by experts in the field at a reasonably civilised time for us in Australia. These are designed to build critical skills and knowledge including better writing, strategic social media, communication audits, strategic communication, employee research, personal branding and crisis management. Members receive just over 30% discount off the workshop fee.

The webinars are excellent value, which are free for members and $100 for non-members. There is one coming up next week on tackling the “global leadership crisis”, plus there are archived webinars available for viewing. Remember that the times of the webinars and workshops are shown in US Pacific Standard Time – not AEST – we are 19 hours ahead. You can also register and then view it when it suits you.

For those of you in the training space the IABC Academy is an opportunity for you to conduct online training workshops in relevant areas. Please contact me if you are interested in exploring the opportunity and I’ll put you in touch with IABC.

The other exciting news is that the Global Communication Certification Council will be launching the first professional certification aimed at the Generalist/Specialist level – a mid-level stage in the communication professional’s development in June this year. More information on the process will be available in the coming months.

The IABC World Conference is on in San Francisco, 14-17 June, and much of the program is now available. With the theme “Changing the Landscape: Informing the Future” the sessions are designed to stimulate thinking and idea generation. It is also a fantastic opportunity to build your network with diverse and talented communication experts from across the globe. This will be my third year in a row – the first as a delegate, the second as track chair, and this year as a speaker – and I can attest to the value of being there. If you’re interested in knowing more, check out the conference website.

Thank you to all of you have entered the Gold Quill Awards. The evaluation process will be underway soon with Australia being actively involved in the Blue Ribbon Panel judging here and in Sydney.


Time for change

Many of you will know that our Annual General Meeting is coming up later this month when we will see a number of board members retiring, new ones joining and a change in the Presidency. The current board has worked diligently and purposefully to redefine the success of the chapter through delivering sustained value to our members and community. The past 18 months have seen the chapter grow with increased membership – individual and corporate, sustainable professional partnerships, a strong events program, outstanding Gold Quills achievements, establishing a senior leaders’ forum, three international leader visits, and a healthy financial position.

All of this has been possible due to those on the board, and those who have been there before us. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you, and in particular thank those who will be retiring from the board at the AGM. Those include Monika Lancucki (who will take on our Public Officer role, as well as the Chair of IABC Gold Quill Committee in June), Megan Taylor, Nicole Matejic and Justin Rogers.

Particular thanks goes to Damien Batey who has supported me throughout my term as Vice President. I look forward to taking on the role as Immediate Past President (Senior Delegate) and a continued active role on the leadership team with Damien and the new Vice President.

I must also thank Adrian Cropley who has continued to give of himself to the Chapter as well as IABC globally whenever he is called upon. Adrian you do us proud. Thanks also to the team at IABC as well as the members I have worked with across the globe on the IABC Brand Task Force and the World Conference Program Advisory Committee.

My thanks also for the support of our professional partners at Coral Communications, Deakin University, Ampersand Executive, Think HQ and RMIT University, as well as the communication professionals who have given their time to speak at our events, write for our blog, or support our senior leaders forum.

On a final note, don’t forget to book in for our first event for 2015 on crisis and issues management. We have an amazing line of speakers from BHP Billiton, TAC, Toyota, Pax Republic, Transpacific Industries and Motorola Solutions. It’s being held straight after the AGM and we have networking with drinks and nibbles planned after the event discussion. It will be a popular event as it is every year so get in and book your ticket. Chatham House rule applies – no tweeting.

Look forward to seeing you on the 18th of February.