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Adrian Cropley OAM, FRSA, SCMP
IABC Victoria Past President: 2007

1.Tell us about your journey with IABC Victoria and why you nominated to become a president?

I first attended an IABC Victoria event in the late 1990s where I met Jo Curkpatrick SCMP, who was heading up internal communication for Ericsson in Asia Pacific at the time. It was the network that attracted me to IABC, and the local chapter and I ended up eventually joining as a member in 2004 when I first went into the consulting world and wanted to build my network and knowledge within the profession. I found IABC spoke my language about strategic communication and internal communication rather than PR, so it seemed like the right fit for me.

After a year I joined the board, because I felt IABC would be a great association to take our profession forward in demonstrating value for the communication function within organisations. It would also be a great platform to build a movement towards professionalising our industry. Accreditation, awards and developing global contacts was such a big sell point for me at that time. In 2007 I nominated to become president as I believed in what IABC could do for our profession and I wanted to give time back to a profession that I loved.

2. This year IABC Victoria is commemorating its 20th  anniversary. What have been some of the major changes within IABC and our local chapter that you’ve observed?

From when I first joined IABC I have seen the local chapter as a well as IABC globally go from strength to strength. From 2006 onwards IABC Victoria had established succession planning for board members and started an annual strategy, which saw quite rapid growth. IABC Victoria grew from being a small chapter to being a mid-sized chapter to a large chapter in a three year period and won IABC International Chapter of the year in 2008.

IABC has introduced some great initiatives in the last 20 years, including the development of the global standard and the implementation of the IABC Academy. Building on the accreditation program to develop certification and aligning it with the IABC Academy for training and development was a great step forward for our profession. I have seen IABC Victoria grow, offering a wide variety of PD events and implementing the Bronze Quills and Annual Gala, which has built a community around our profession and volunteers. I am so proud to have been a part of IABC’s growth and development on both the local and international level.

3. Reflecting on your personal experience, why do you feel it’s important for communication professionals to be involved in associations like IABC?

My answer to this is quite simple – ‘it takes a movement to effect change.’  IABC is a movement for positive communication, and as a community of communication professionals we can keep building our value within the organisations we work with.

4. On Monday 29 July we celebrated our Bronze Quill Awards and commemorated our 20th anniversary. Looking back at your attendance in previous years, what do you look forward to most at this event? Can you share some of your favourite experiences?

Every year I look forward to meeting colleagues and friends at the Gala. It is a great opportunity to recognise the achievements of communication teams and individuals from right across Victoria. It is also a fabulous networking opportunity, meeting new people and sharing stories from within our profession.

One of my favourite experiences was the entertainment last year. Dolly Diamond made the evening very entertaining and kept us all laughing. I really also enjoy it when I see professionals who have attended one of my training courses or a client receiving an award. I feel so proud and thrilled.


About Adrian Cropley OAM, FRSA, SCMP:

A certified strategic communication professional and past global chair of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Adrian Cropley is widely recognised as one of the world’s foremost experts in strategic communication. With a career spanning over 30 years, Adrian has worked with clients all over the world on major change communication initiatives, internal communication reviews and strategies, professional development programs, and executive leadership and coaching.

At the IABC he implemented the IABC Career Road Map, kick-started a global ISO certification for the profession and developed the IABC Academy. Adrian pioneered the Melcrum Internal Communication Black Belt program in the Asia Pacific and is a sought-after facilitator, speaker and thought leader. He has been a keynote speaker and workshop leader on strategic and change communication at international conferences in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia. He has received several awards, including international Gold Quill awards for communication excellence.

Adrian is a member of the Program Advisory Committee for the RMIT School of Media and Communication and sits on several boards.