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Dr Jen Frahm IABC Victoria Past President: 2010-2011

Dr Jen Frahm
IABC Victoria Past President: 2010-2011


1. Tell us about your journey with IABC Victoria and why you nominated to become a president?

I started volunteering when I first moved to Melbourne (2004) and new nobody! It was through the generosity of people like Melissa Dark, Adrian Cropley, Christine Dvoracek, and Jacqui Rudd that I found my tribe and established professional roots. In those days I don’t think people nominated so much as Adrian orchestrated succession planning 😀 But it was an honour to lead the chapter. I am ridiculously privileged to work in the space of change, I enjoy it and at that stage the chapter was ready for some change. It had been superbly built by the presidents before so it could do larger change in the way it operated.

2. This year IABC Victoria is commemorating its 20th anniversary. What have been some of the major changes within IABC and our local chapter that you’ve observed?

Locally, we go from strength to strength in recognition of our members. We introduced the Bronze Quills in my year and established the first Gala Dinner. As a Chapter we got hungry for Chapter Management Awards and recognised the awesome work the volunteers do. But here’s the thing, they don’t give out awards for fancy submissions. There needs to be substance behind them. Kate Ware and Stacey Buchanan did outstanding work on branding and taking communication to the next level! In my view though the value proposition continues exist at the local level.

3. Reflecting on your personal experience, why do you feel it’s important for communication professionals to be involved in associations like IABC?

Being involved in a professional association is critical to remain current, relevant and connected. It’s that simple. What’s key to getting value is being active in your involvement. Show up, speak up, offer help.

4. On Monday 29 July we celebrated our Bronze Quill Awards, and this year we’re commemorating our 20th anniversary. Looking back at your IABC Victoria event attendance, what are some of your favourite experiences?

  • It’s always great to see our people recognised. Overall there’s many favourite experiences. Our first Christmas dinner at the Afghan Gallery in Brunswick in 2007. We were all so exhausted and the seating was cushions on the floor. It was perfect.
  • Our first great debate held at the RACV club where we nervously wondered could we pull a crowd – and we did! Then the first Gala Dinner in 2011 – most frequently asked question: “what to wear?”. We had the now very successful and millennial darling Kate Kendall as our guest speaker.
  • TorontoTalks – The first unconference at World Conference 2010 run by Christopher Swan, Linda Johannsson and colleagues – that was really stimulating and cool.
  • Getting to drive Barb Gibson around for a day visiting corporate members – that was a masterclass in leadership and social engagement! And to think, she might be leader of the UK one day…

IABC Victoria Christmas dinner at the Afghan Gallery, 2007

About Dr Jen Frahm

Dr Jen Frahm is a world leading organisational change expert, and the founder of Conversations of Change and the Agile Change Leadership Institute.  She churns out heaps of information on the future of work and organizational change and is a sought-after speaker (IABC recommended!).

She has a podcast series (Conversations of Change), and two blogs (The Water Cooler) and Cut to the Chase. She is also the author of the very popular Conversations of Change: A guide to implementing change.