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Marcia Xenitelis

Marcia Xenitelis
IABC Victoria Past President: 2001


1. Tell us about your journey with IABC Victoria and why you nominated to become a president?

Melbourne hosted the 1988 International Public Relations Association (IPRA) World Congress, and that’s where I heard about IABC.  I had the first employee communication role in Australia and back then there was nothing available locally on employee communication. IABC was the association for me and I joined in 1989 and most of the contacts I made were based in the USA.  I was, and still am impressed by how much members are willing to share their experience and knowledge. Serving on the Victorian chapter board with Jo Curkpatrick I became Chapter President in 2001. We were so excited about building the Victorian chapter and it is wonderful to see how it has grown. That was my primary reason for nominating to become chapter president – I wanted everyone in the communications profession to know just how great IABC was. I then went on to serve on the Asia Pacific Regional Board as a committee member and later presented at the Vancouver World Conference in 2006.

2. This year IABC Victoria is commemorating its 20th What have been some of the major changes within IABC and our local chapter that you’ve observed?

Definitely the size of the membership – that’s the biggest change.  I think the other would be the increased range of topics that are now covered at the world conference and local chapter meetings.

3. Reflecting on your personal experience, why do you feel it’s important for communication professionals to be involved in associations like IABC?

Where do I start?  The opportunity to meet with colleagues across the globe all dealing with similar issues and to exchange ideas is invaluable.  The resources provide specific insight on topics and you can find all the information that you need in one location.  The chapter sessions and World Conference provide the opportunity to learn and really shape your professional career.  For me, what started out as a career in employee communication has developed into change communication and designing strategies to overcome resistance to change. IABC provided me with the solid foundation to build my career.

4. This year IABC Victoria commemorated its 20th anniversary. Looking back at your involvement in previous years, can you share some of your favourite experiences?
I had the honour of judging the Gold Quill awards one year – I remember how impressed we were with the quality of the submissions and how seriously we all took our responsibility as judges. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the work that colleagues have done and to keep learning.


About Marcia Xenitelis

Marcia is the Founder of Communication at Work, a specialist change communication business assisting organisations to engage their employees with strategy.

The author of manuals on the topic of employee engagement and communication, they have been sold worldwide to fortune 500 companies, universities and over a thousand companies in Australia alone.  Her change communication strategy implemented at Esanda Finance has been published as a case study in the global journal, Strategic Communication Measurement. She is also widely published on the internet.

Marcia is a past president IABC Victorian chapter, and former IABC Asia/Pacific board member.  An international public speaker on the topic of change and overcoming resistance, Marcia has spoken at conferences in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and China.