IABC Victoria 20th Anniversary Celebrations

In 2019, IABC Victoria celebrated its 20th anniversary – and 20 years of connection, collegiality and community among communication professionals in Victoria.

In June 2019, Sia Papageorgiou, IABC Victoria’s 2019 president caught up with IABC Victoria’s very first president, Jamie Walls – on FaceTime. A well respected communication professional, now retired, Jamie has spent the past 20 years in London.

As their conversation unfolded, it became clear that while everything has changed in communication – with social media, digital disruption, AI and whatnot – at the same time, nothing much has changed.

The reasons people joined IABC then, are the same as the reasons they join today: networking, connections, professional development, peer support and community. But we’ll let Jamie tell you the rest.

We do need to single out two of those volunteer leaders though. The two who’ve been there right from the start. And this is the photo that started it all.



These two amazing women – Jo Curkpatrick and Meryl David – attended IABC’s World Conference in New Orleans, in the US, in 1996. They, along with a dedicated team of volunteers, were inspired and decided it was time to bring IABC down under. This group of pioneers had the foresight, courage and tenacity to establish IABC in Australia, and then in Victoria and New South Wales.

IABC Global Chair Victoria Dew also shared a message with us in honour of our 20th anniversary.

Past Presidents Q&As – A Trip Down Memory Lane

Jo Curkpatrick

Jo Curkpatrick

IABC Victoria Past President: 2000

Jo is a senior communication professional with experience and skills across corporate communication, employee engagement, media/journalism, public relations and marketing, in house and as a consultant. Jo has represented clients across the agriculture, environment, health, community, finance, science and technology, local government, tourism and education sectors.

Marcia Xenitelis

Marcia Xenitelis

IABC Victoria Past President: 2001

Marcia is the Founder of Communication at Work, a specialist change communication business assisting organisations to engage their employees with strategy. An international public speaker on the topic of change and overcoming resistance, Marcia has spoken at conferences in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and China.


Adrian Cropley OAM, FRSA, SCMP

IABC Victoria Past President: 2007

A certified strategic communication professional and past global chair of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Adrian Cropley is widely recognised as one of the world’s foremost experts in strategic communication. With a career spanning over 30 years, Adrian has worked with clients all over the world on major change communication initiatives, internal communication reviews and strategies, professional development programs, and executive leadership and coaching.

Helen Taylor

Helen Taylor

IABC Victoria Past President: 2008-2009

Helen is a highly experienced professional communications manager, with 20 years’ experience across various communication disciplines and industries. She has worked for several major corporations including Shell Australia, ANZ, Barclays, Cabrini Health and Energis. This has afforded her the opportunity to work across cultures and appreciate complex organisational structures and issues.


Mirella Manganaro

IABC Victoria Past President: 2009-2010

Mirella is a dedicated and results-driven strategic communications and marketing practitioner with a career spanning over 20 years. I have worked in one of the most challenging, dynamic and issues rich corporate and membership environments.

Dr Jen Frahm IABC Victoria Past President: 2010-2011

Dr Jen Frahm

IABC Victoria Past President: 2010-2011

Dr Jen Frahm is a world leading organisational change expert, and the founder of Conversations of Change and the Agile Change Leadership Institute.  She churns out heaps of information on the future of work and organizational change and is a sought-after speaker (IABC recommended!). She has a podcast series (Conversations of Change), and two blogs (The Water Cooler) and Cut to the Chase. She is also the author of the very popular Conversations of Change: A guide to implementing change.

Zora Artis

Zora Artis

IABC Victoria Past President: 2013-2015

Zora is the CEO and founder of Artis Advisory in Melbourne. Artis Advisory is a strategic advisory practice focused on helping clients succeed whether it’s solving a business problem or leveraging opportunities through better organisational alignment, engagement and communication. Zora has almost three decades of experience in business, marketing, communication, advertising and branding.

BIO pic june 2017

Danielle Jorgensen

IABC Victoria Past President: 2018-2019

I help people communicate in a way that connects you with others. I help leaders and executives get better at (and feel better about) communicating for impact. In other words, I help them pin down what they really want to say, and how they can best influence stakeholders. My goal is simple: to build the consistency and authenticity of my client’s voice. My customer insight comes from a lifetime of serving people.

2019 Gala Awards Booklet

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