Of Trumpets and Violins

Saying 2017 has been an interesting year to be a communicator is a little like saying Donald Trump has slightly weird hair. In the first full year of the new post-truth world, the purpose, [...]


Comms in 2018… the voice of the CEO

Okay, it’s that time of the year again. Holidays. Families. Friends. Celebrations (like our end of year celebration we hope you’re all attending). And, of course, predictions. At around [...]


Social media is about people. Businesses must remember this.

Have you logged onto Facebook today? If so, what did you see? Food videos that can’t taste as good (or be as simple) as they look? Recaps from The Bachelorette that you don’t want to engage with [...]


How many light bulbs does it take to change a communicator?

We all love that light bulb moment. We’re constantly looking for it, that moment when we can see what we couldn’t see before. Isn’t that what our job is as communicators? To shine a light, to [...]


The robots are coming: event re-cap and a new discussion paper

IABC Victoria’s most recent event and a newly released discussion paper aim to spark a conversation about the future of communications in an age of rampaging technology. Download a copy of the [...]


Member Musings: Margot Gorski

Director: PR Matters Tell us about what you do I work with a range of clients, mainly on media campaigns but also on their communications needs more broadly. In any week we could be promoting an [...]

Member Musings: Mairi Barton

Mairi has delivered and influenced significant outcomes over a career spanning 25 years in communication, media and corporate affairs serving at the highest levels in the Australian government, [...]


#7Reasons to Join IABC Victoria

Seven colours make a rainbow, seven chords make music, seven days make a week, seven continents make the world, and here are seven reasons to join IABC Victoria! #1. Networking and Industry [...]


Member Musings: Ross Monaghan

Lecturer at Deakin University When did you join IABC Victoria? I joined IABC when I was at University, back in the 1980s. Although I don’t have continual membership, I would probably have at [...]


2018 Gold Quill Awards call for entries is now open!

If you’re thinking of having a crack at entering the 2018 Gold Quill Awards and don’t know where to start, come meet Saania Habeeb and other experts at our free Gold Quill Awards Roundtable on [...]

Member Musings: Emma Miller

Emma Miller is currently a second year student, studying a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Digital Media. Emma chose to study this degree as it’s very diverse, and there are so many career [...]


Travels with the Global Chair

The only problem with selling an exclusive offer is that somewhere along the way, you’ve got to make sure the product lives up to the promise. The message from Head Office that the Global head of [...]

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