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You can be one of the first communicators in APAC to achieve the new IABC Communication Management Professional certification.


After much hard work and consultation with communicators across the world, the Global Communications Council (GCCC), an IABC initiative, is rolling out the first level of the new professional development certification program, the Communication Management Professional (CMP).

The CMP program recognises professional communicators who meet the Global Standard and is the first of four planned certifications that represent various career levels of the communication profession. The CMP is aimed at mid-level communicators with generalist/specialist experience and knowledge.

The CMP program was launched in April this year and the first examination held in San Francisco in June. Another 11 examination dates and venues were recently announced across the globe that will take place from October to April.

We are thrilled to announce that the first GCCC CMP examination for the Asia Pacific region will be held in Sydney from 1:00 – 4:00pm on Friday, 27 November, 2015 (venue TBA). The CMP program is open to both members and non-members of IABC.

To attain certification, candidates must first complete an application process to ensure that they meet the minimum criteria, including demonstrating:

  • Eight years of experience and 40 hours of training, or
  • Six years of experience, two years of education, and 40 hours of training.

Applications must be submitted by 30 October, 2015. Candidates will be advised if their application has been successful prior to the examination. Upon receipt of the CMP certification, CMP graduates will be required to maintain their designation through a level of continued professional development annually.


Why do it?

This is not about sitting an exam, but about demonstrating a commitment to your professional development and to your profession. Certification is an endorsement of your knowledge and experience at the global standard, whilst the training requirement to maintain the designation ensures you continue to hone your skills. If you’re considering a job change or aiming for a promotion, evidence of your qualification and your participation in continuous learning will differentiate you from your competition. Other benefits include:

  • Portability of your certification credential on a global basis.
  • Acknowledgement of your skills and expertise among your peers.
  • A well-earned sense of professional achievement.



Find out more details at the IABC website and download the GCCC Communication Professional Certification Candidate Handbook.

If you are one of the successful candidates to undertake the GCCC Certification examination in Sydney, then you will be invited to join the IABC APAC regional leaders at a networking event on the evening of Friday, 27 November.

IABC Victoria is in the process of organising a further GCCC Certification examination in 2016, however the date for this is yet to be confirmed, so we hope you will take up the opportunity this November in Sydney.


If you have any questions, please contact Lisa McNally, Director Professional Development IABC APAC region by email: