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Integrating industry best practice into your organisation and day-job is easier than you think.

I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that strongly values technical excellence and continuous improvement.

Over the years I have made it a personal standard to share, and where possible integrate, best practice from IABC into discussions and the decision-making process for communication.

When I’m talking to senior leaders about a communication issue, IABC research and content is often helpful in explaining an idea, emphasising a point or adding a new perspective to discussions.

I have found these five approaches to be worthwhile:

  • Make it part of your day-job.  Look for opportunities to tie your annual performance review in with your IABC membership.  An obvious area is training and development.
  • Make it part of their day-job.  When your CEO or senior leader expresses enthusiasm for professional and open communication with staff etc, leverage that enthusiasm.  Mention IABC and ask if they’d be interested in applying for a professional membership.  Why not?
  • Think about benchmarking.  Most senior leaders are curious to know how their company stacks up in the marketplace.  (I have just finished a discussion paper on best practice occupational health and safety communication for my company, drawing on the IABC knowledge library among other sources.)
  • Enrich your discussions.  Discussing an ‘issue’ within your company?  Chances are someone in the IABC world has already ‘been there’ with their organisation.  These experiences could provide useful learnings and short-cuts when you’re preparing a communication program.
  • Pick your moment.  When talking thought leadership, no one appreciates an ambush involving 50 pages of theory.  Distil, present and persuade in 30 seconds, but always be ready to elaborate in detail.

(When integrating IABC thought leadership into your day-to-day role and your organisation, it’s important to always cite your sources.)

In my experience, the above approach can go some way to helping educate senior leaders about professional communication and its value to their organisation.

How have IABC’s knowledge resources helped your company?

 – Richard Roach


Richard is the Internal Communication Manager for the Australasia and Asia operations of Golder Associates, a global company providing consulting, design and construction services.  He has 18 years experience and has previously worked with KPMG, Mercer and Corporate Words.  Richard has a Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations) from RMIT University and is a member of the AIM.