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Books to give-away!

The way we research and gather information has, and will continue, to change.  The information available to us online is growing at a phenomenal rate (have you checked out IABC Discovery yet?)

But there are still times when nothing beats reaching for a book from your personal library. 

That’s where IABC Victoria Chapter can help! 

Over the years, we have built up a library of about 20 books, CDs and journals available for members to borrow.    However, like the old corner bookstore, we’ve seen a decline in the number of books borrowed. As a volunteer Board, we can offer more value to our members than storing and tracking of books, and as such, we are going to give back to the members.  Literally!

At the next Be Heard event (Speed Networking on August 25) our library will be available for members to take home a book (or two) for good!  Topics include employee engagement, organisational leadership, public relations and managing communication functions.

This is a once-only chance.  Following this event, whatever books are left will be disposed of.