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StinaStina Webb
IABC Victoria Events Co-chair, Consultant at Socom

It wouldn’t be a top three cut through campaigns without at least one from the Olympics, so first up is P&G – ‘Thank you mom’.

Then I would like to do shout for the Our Watch – ‘The Line‘ campaign, which encourages young people to foster healthy relationships and say ‘no’ to violence.

And I just couldn’t go past an Airbnb number, so last but not least is one of their latest, ‘Don’t go there. Live there.’

Verity headshotVerity Lowe
IABC Victoria Brand & Comms Co-Chair, Head of Corporate Communications at Keep Left

Meet Graham

The TAC’s recent Towards Zero campaign “Project Graham” really stood out for me. Having worked with road safety and transport technology clients I was fascinated by this concept, and everyone in the office was talking about it. Whoever came up with the idea to create Graham, a life-like model of a human that could survive road accidents, is quite frankly a genius. The TAC built an incredibly engaging content hub to help people find out more about Graham, which was not only visually astonishing but also really emphasised just how vulnerable we are on our roads. This campaign got blanket media coverage nationally but also drew a global audience.  I urge you to type “Meet Graham” into Google and see for yourself! Let’s hope this campaign delivers on its ‘Towards Zero’ objective.

JW150Jenna Waite
IABC Victoria Student & Academic Liaison Chair, Account Manager at Think HQ

Uber Puppies

In February, Uber and Purina Pets teamed up to deliver puppies to workplaces in every major Australian city including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast and Sydney.

For $40, abandoned puppies from a local shelter were delivered to offices for a 15-minute cuddle and some puppy playtime. The goal was to facilitate and encourage Australians to adopt, as well as raise funds and awareness for local shelters.

What made this PR-led marketing campaign so successful was that it combined two critical and highly dynamic elements to form an incredibly simple but innovative idea- blending user/customer experience and human emotion (self-fulfilment).

As consumers, we increasingly want an ‘experience’ with a brand. And this is what UberPuppies did so well, they put the customers firmly at the centre of the experience. The second part of this campaign that was so successful was it tapped into our human emotion- I mean seriously who doesn’t love a cute, little puppy. The campaign supported by a great cause, while giving back to the local community.