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Sue Driscoll has been a member of IABC for more than 20 years!  We asked her what drove her to first join IABC and more importantly, what keeps her coming back.

Why did you first join IABC?

I joined IABC when I worked on teams with other IABC members. I liked the
resource materials and felt that membership offered practical support for
my career. Although networking was a factor, the main impetus was sharing
information around the world. Initially another plus for me was the
inclusive philosophy of IABC: join us and we will help you improve your
What do you like most about being a member?

Today, the IABC resources still help me in my work. I use the web resources
regularly and always scan the publications when they arrive. This gives me
a global perspective which I can then translate into Australian practice.
In today's space, it's not enough to know what is happening locally. You
have to be a few steps ahead of what is breaking around the world. I just
love the IABC manuals and webinars. I also like reading other practitioner
comments and discussions and know there are loads of people who can help if
I needed some assistance.
You have been a member for 20 years! What keeps you coming back?

I think the great resources and interaction with practitioners worldwide
are still the main reasons I remain a member. Given the explosion in social
media and instant communications, Australia can no longer only look to
local people for guidance. It's good to be part of a membership which
routinely brings world methodologies to the attention of practitioners and
allows benchmarking and accreditation with a global standard. IABC's
research work is what really separates IABC from other member
organisations. It adds a lot to my influence when I can support my advice
with evidence, from research or case studies.

Sue Driscoll runs her own communications consultancy that specialises in
communication and projects for health care providers providing
strategic organisational advice, communication planning and issues
management to clients.