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UntitledWe all now live in an age where budgets are under pressure like never before and where jobs have been cut. Today, it is all about the ‘biggest bang for buck’, the ‘bottom line’, the ‘rubber hitting the road’ which are no less true for being clichés.  So in a world of cost reduction, transformation programmes and declining employee engagement, what has been the impact on our industry?

In May 2013, IABC Victoria, in partnership with Coral Communications Pty Ltd, is conducting the widest and most comprehensive survey of the internal communications industry in Australia today. It is a peer review on an unprecedented scale and will provide invaluable insight into the issues you need to address in your organisations – together with those where you are already ahead of the game.

What does our profession look like and who works in it? What do we do in our day job? What are the issues we face? What are our perceptions of the organisations we work for and the communications we are ultimately responsible for? How effective are our organisations at communicating with their employees? Has a global economic downturn seen internal communicators face job losses and budget cuts?  How often are we measuring the effectiveness of our communications and how is this information being used? All these questions and more are the foundations of an understanding of where the profession is today.

We need to know the answers to those questions to see where our industry’s strengths are and where we still have to do more work.

This research is exclusive to the IABC and Coral Communications and will contribute to the provision of those answers and help set some of those benchmarks.

Taking part entitles you to a free comprehensive report of the results, which in turn will be a useful tool when devising and implementing your own strategies.

Coral Communications Pty Ltd is a tema of experienced employee engagement and measurement experts and specialises in developing and delivering ways to better communicate with, engage and mobilise employees behind business priorities. Based in Melbourne, the team at Coral Communications has a breadth of client and agency side experience gained from more than 15 years partnering with organisations across the globe. 

April 2013