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Late last year, IABC Victoria surveyed Australian communicators to find out what your priorities were for 2014. It's now time to share your responses.


Why a survey?

When IABC Victoria began thinking about our communications sector predictions for 2014, we took a step back and asked ourselves two questions.

What’s our motto? For the record, it’s ‘Be Heard’ not ‘Be Told’.

Given that, wouldn’t our members and colleagues prefer a set of predictions that were based on the collective view of their peers? We thought so.

This led to our first attempt at surveying the industry in order to co-create your predictions for 2014.

The end result is a list of predictions that are more insightful (and real) than anything we could have created ourselves. They tell a story that, in part, we didn’t expect to see. That, of course is the value of asking rather than telling.

We hope these insights help you as you seek to grow your organisation and your career in the year ahead.


Some genuine surprises

In your responses, you delivered some genuine surprises. We didn’t expect to see strategic communications at the top of the list, even though we know the appreciation of its importance has grown enormously over the last 12 months.

Similarly, we didn’t expect see social media down the list at number 7 or, in this age of big data, insights languishing near the bottom at number 12.

But we won’t give the whole game away here. Have a look at the infographic below. It provides a detailed snapshot of the priorities – your priorities – for the year ahead.


Thank You

In closing, thank you to the more than 150 Australian communicators who participated. And thanks also to our fellow IABC chapters in NSW, ACT and Queensland. Your support is greatly appreciated. 


Powerpoint Version

Since releasing this infographic, we have had requests to provide a Powerpoint version that people can use to share the results with their teams. We have now created this and uploaded it to Slideshare. You can view a copy of the presentation below the infographic. You can also download a copy if you require.



Powerpoint Version

If you require a copy of this Powerpoint presentation for use with your teams, you can download it from Slideshare. Just click the 'Save' button at the top of the presentation.