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Get ready because IABC Converge is happening this month! Over two half-days from 20-21 April, you’ll get the global perspective on communication in 2021 (and beyond) from leaders in their field with the chance to:

Connect: Catch up with your comms colleagues, network and make new, global professional connections.

Create: Develop new relationships, fresh ideas to take back to the office and exciting opportunities to further your career.

Collaborate: Share experiences and ideas, discuss new opportunities, and find answers to the big questions in communication.

This year’s IABC Converge is more interactive than ever. We’re giving you a break from Zoom and using one of the world’s most innovative virtual conference platforms – Remo.

With round tables that actually look like round tables, the ability to pop in and out of lounges, polls, Q&A, voting and so much more, you will be engaged and connected to your peers from the beginning.

We’re all about tailoring the conference to you and once registered, you’ll receive a link to the IABC ‘Conference Designer’ where you will have the chance to influence the agenda and vote for the topics that you want to discuss.

Check out our keynote speakers:

Dan Gregory – opening keynote speaker: Dan is Co-Founder of The Intelligent Influencer, Co-Host of The Behaviour Report and the author of the 2019 book, ‘Forever Skills’. He’s also a comedian, TV regular and he’s been rated as one of “the top 25 C-Suite Speakers to watch”.

Dan will discuss the critical skills we need to embrace, no matter what the world throws at us, and how we can develop these skills and increase our competence.

Trudy Lewis – second keynote speaker: Trudy of Colinear in the UK is a communications consultant and Executive coach as well as being a board member of the CIPR and co-host of the Calm Edged Rebels podcast.

Over the last 12 months, purpose has really come to the fore as a critical leadership capability. According to Trudy, communications professionals have an important role to play in building purposeful leaders. We see how, through coaching, influencing and guiding, we can help leaders understand the importance of social and purposeful leadership.

Register now to confirm your spot. For more information, visit

Look forward to seeing you there!