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We’ve promised you a unique experience for the upcoming Content from the Inside Out workshop. Here’s an insight into just what we mean.


As we’ve already said, the upcoming Content from the Inside Out workshop, on Wednesday 24 June will provide a unique look at content creation from leaders who’ve been working in various areas of the content profession for years.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, we thought we’d ask the presenters what they were planning to discuss.

You can find the full event details here. Or register now here.


What’s your story?

Presented by Wayne Aspland, IABC Victoria Board member and Principal of The Content Factory.

It doesn’t matter what sort of content you produce, the single biggest challenge you’re likely to face is sustainability… how do you maintain both your effort and the story you’re telling over time? This gets even more tricky when you’re managing a team of content producers with different personalities, motivations and levels of understanding.

My session will focus on how you do this. Along the way, I’ll be introducing models that will help you clarify your organisation’s story and make sure that the needs of your stakeholders are clearly aligned with your own.


Think it through before you jump.

Presented by Zora Artis, IABC Victoria Immediate Past President and Principal of Zora Artis Consulting.

Before you leap into the world of content creation and curation, it is wise to invest in your content strategy. Some may wonder what is the difference between content strategy and content marketing. The latter is one component of the first.

In this session I’ll take you through the key steps to develop a content strategy framework that you can tailor to help you answer a number of questions – why, how, when, where, for whom, with what, what next. Once you have these questions answered the pathway will be clearer and easier to navigate.


Capture Attention with Creative Online Content.

Presented by Jordana Borensztajn, Creative Content Consultant, Humourist, Social Media Trainer.

The internet is hectic and businesses are fighting to grab attention, so how can you rise above the noise? With creative content. But what is creativity, how does it fit within content marketing, and what’s the best way to generate compelling content that audiences will want to share?

Through exploring a variety of creative and storytelling approaches, I will provide you with strategies to build your creative confidence and generate unique content ideas, as well as techniques to help boost your social media efforts.


Social Media Rules of Engagement – it’s all about your narrative.

Presented by Nicole Matejic, Author & CEO, Social Media Monster & Info Ops HQ

The digital footprints you leave behind during a crisis writes your online legacy. From the media to wikipedia and google images, how we communicate during a crisis is just as important as where and when we communicate.

In my session I’ll be giving attendees insights into how their corporate narrative – during a crisis and business as usual – is a critical element of progressive social media management. Have you built an army of raving fans over the long game? Or are you reliant on the kindness of social strangers when crisis hits?


Like what you see?

You can find out all the details here or register now here.

We hope to see you at the event.