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DB200IABC Victoria President, Damien Batey, reflects on the recent IABC Victoria Bronze Quill Gala 2015… a powerful demonstration of just how far our profession has come.


Earlier this month we held what is without a doubt the highlight evening of our IABC Victoria calendar – the Bronze Quill Award Gala.

It was a fantastic evening with, by far, the largest attendance we’ve ever had at a Gala (almost 150). If you’d like to see more of the night, check out the 2015 Gala gallery or the Gold Quill award winner case study videos.

Two things made me particularly proud on the night.

The first was enjoying the opportunity to launch the new IABC brand. You’ll start to see this new brand become a key part of all our communications, such as our web site, in the very near future.

An expression being used in conjunction with the new brand is “look how far we’ve come.” I can’t think of a better statement to recognise the incredible strides we’ve made as both an organisation and a profession – a fact demonstrated by Victoria’s record haul of nine IABC Victoria Bronze Quill awards this year.

Even more impressive than the record number of Bronze Quills awarded was the incredible diversity showcased by the winners across such a broad variety of professional disciplines. It was particularly touching to see the impact of communication in managing complex social issues in areas including youth suicide, women’s rights, ice addiction and Indigenous empowerment.

Other highlights from the night included hearing keynote speaker Robert Hadler talk about what it takes to maintain excellence within the communication profession and introducing the Communicator of the Year (COTY) awards.

The COTY winners, Phoebe Saunders (emerging category) and Michael Korjen (established category) were recognised for delivering outstanding and impactful work and I’m sure we’ll see more of that in years to come.

Adrian Cropley was also acknowledged with a CoTY award for his outstanding contribution to the profession and the Victorian Chapter. This, in particular, was special for many people associated with the Victorian chapter as Adrian’s work and efforts have been a source of inspiration for many of us over a number of years.

Finally, I was pleased to provide some recognition to a number of our board members on the night through the four chapter management awards from IABC globally for our work in 2014. Our Board is comprised of a highly dedicated group of volunteers who put considerable time into making IABC Victoria – and our members – successful. I’m always proud of them, but seeing the satisfaction they gained from delivering the Gala to our guests is something I’ll never forget.

I think professional communication in Victoria is healthier now that it’s ever been and is served by a thriving community of passionate, dedicated people.

It’s a pleasure sharing that with you and something that I know will continue to flourish for many years ahead.

In closing, I’d like to acknowledge the wonderful support of our Gala partners – Konnective, New McPherson, CMS Australia and Pumpkin Productions – and our MC, Elise Elliott. Most of all, of course, I’d like to thank everyone who attended and made this year’s Gala such a fantastic night.

Thank you to you all.