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DB200It’s that sad (but happy) time of the  year again. Outgoing IABC Victoria President, Damien Batey, writes his final column before moving into the role of Immediate Past President. 

And so it comes to this, my final column as IABC Chapter President. Any one of us can look back over the past 12 months and find defining moments in our professional and personal lives: for me that included an expanded role at work with more travel, my eldest son completing prep, the younger one learning to ride a bike and of course, becoming president of IABC Victoria.

My greatest fear in accepting the role was that I wouldn’t find the time to do it justice. I have to admit it hasn’t been easy and there are times when I look back with some guilt for not giving more to the role. But I have no regrets in taking on the challenge.

That’s because I’ve been truly blessed to serve with a band of hardworking, mature volunteers who help to lighten the workload while bringing out the best of our profession in Victoria. In a year filled with highlights and challenges I feel proud of what we achieved at IABC Victoria in 2015; from strengthening our community with a local membership boost of more than 20 per cent to our state hauling in a record number of Gold Quill awards to celebrating our annual gala with 147 guests to attracting new professional partners and corporate members who make our professional network even stronger.

Thanks to IABC Victoria’s many supporters, our 2015 highlights are too plentiful to mention in this column.

As I move into the role of Immediate Past President and pass the baton to incoming President Deb Lemcke, Vice President Ivan Levacic and the rest of our new Board team, I feel certain that change will bring new opportunities for renewal and growth in our chapter and community.


Because experience has shown me that we have an unstoppable combination of dedicated volunteers, members, professional partners, IABC leaders globally, and all of you – the people that make Victoria’s communication landscape so rich, diverse and fun.

That’s why I know we can shoot for the stars this year and beyond.

Thank you for the honor of serving as your President.

It’s been an experience I’ll never forget.