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DB200Watching the news the other day, I learned that Melbourne has recorded its lowest average daily hours of sunshine for 40 years.  Taking small comfort in knowing it wasn’t just me chilled to the bone, I vowed to break free of my hibernation – that includes giving my professional communication a spring clean.

I know we’ve all said these vows before but spring motivates renewal and rebirth in all of us.

So stand with me my communicating brothers and sisters and let’s all chant…

Out with failing to measure the true impact of our work!

Out with low value communication activities!

Out with communication that doesn’t truly impact our audiences!

There you have it. Feeling better?

Fortunately at IABC Victoria we’ve got some great ways to help you stick to those vows and avoid the pitfalls of average communication.


Show me the measurement!

It all starts with sharing important research through an initiative called Comms 360: Measuring the communication needs of business. The results of this research will be shared at our next event on September 23 at the Green Brain in Melbourne.

IABC Victoria along with RMIT and Coral Communications recently conducted a comprehensive 360° review of professional communication in Australia and now we’re pleased to share the results.

The research compiles the views of more than 200 senior communication professionals and is designed to help all of us overcome the pressure on resources and performance by measuring our impact as business partners as well as the capability our functions overall.

It’s bound to be a thought provoking event and I know the insights will help all of us to reflect on our work and generate fresh ideas for us to strengthen our skills and effectiveness as communicators.

There’s some great excerpts from the research on the IABC Victoria website that provide a flavour of what to expect. Check it out and grab yourself a ticket.


Take stock of your communication

Another great way to freshen up you communication is to conduct a communication audit. Over four sessions throughout October, IABC Victoria’s own Zora Artis will deliver an online training course to help participants obtain maximum benefits from a communication audit. The sessions will help you determine key focus areas, analyse existing communication materials and platforms and apply practical insights to address any gaps and opportunities. Read more about it and register here.

One great thing about Zora’s workshops is that they are the first to be run by IABC at two times – one to suit US members and one to suit APAC members. This will make participating far more convenient for you.


A Guy that’s got it all together

There’s nothing quite like learning from communicators who deliver a compelling story in a way that is completely natural and effortless. That’s exactly what our members got recently when globally acclaimed social media legend Guy Kawasaki showcased his art for us over an exclusive breakfast.

For me it was a reminder that, in today’s hyper-connected, world we’re already communicating with people we’ve never met – or should I say people we may never get to meet, depending on how we present ourselves on social platforms.

Make sure every image of you on your social media accounts reflects the way you want to project yourself both personally and professionally – that’s another one on my spring cleaning list.


Say hello to our new partners

Finally, we’re pleased to introduce two new IABC Victoria partners. It’s always great to welcome new partners to the team as they play a vital role in helping us bring the very best services we can to you… our members.

Cubit Research has joined IABC Victoria as our Media Monitoring & Analysis Partner. I’m sure many of you are familiar with Cubit and some of you may already be customers. Their media monitoring, analytics and consulting solutions help communicators measure their successes in ways that make sense to all levels of management.

Gosh Creative is a Melbourne-based design group with over 32 years’ experience in graphic design, logo development and brand IDs, advertising, marketing, brochures and stationery and, of course, web and social. Gosh has been helping us make the cut-over to our new brand… which you’ll get to see very soon.

If you get the chance, please show your support to our new partners by giving them a try.