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Disrupting the Function of IC – A Global Perspective, a 222-page eBook produced by IC Kollectif, was launched in New York recently by the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, representing 160,000 communication professionals worldwide. With contributions from 30 experts across six continents, including four IABC Victoria members, Adrian Cropley OAM, FRSA, ABC, Sia Papageorgiou, Rita Zonius and Zora Artis, GAICD, FAMI, the eBook takes a realistic yet critical look at the internal communication profession and offers a global picture of what lies ahead for IC professionals.

In her foreword, Professor Anne Gregory, Former Chair of the Global Alliance and Chair of Corporate Communication at the University of Huddersfield, said, “This new book by IC Kollectif makes a major contribution to the exploration of the rich and complex work of internal communication. The collection of contributing authors is first class: drawn from across the world and all with a record of being thought leaders in the area as well as experienced practitioners. That this volume is available free is testament to the commitment of these authors of IC Kollectif to share their work and thinking widely for the benefit of the global internal communication community. For this, our professional community is deeply grateful.”

Lise Michaud, Founder and Principal of IC Kollectif, a Montreal-based not-for-profit organisation said, “The internal communication profession faces turbulent times and the role of IC practitioners may well be at a turning point. Caught between multiple increasing challenges brought about by the impact of technology, the convergence and integration of communication disciplines and over-riding agendas like employee engagement and advocacy, the profession must dig deep for insights and new ways to define itself. “

As one author states, “The only safe prediction that can be made about IC is that our tools and techniques are not going to stay the same. The speed of change in our practice is getting faster. Confronted by so many different ways to communicate and so many different pressures, communicators need to keep dragging plans back to the fundamental question of what are we trying to achieve. Tomorrow’s professionals, like their colleagues of the past, will not start with the tool. We’ll start with the end in mind.”

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