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MT150Sponsorship Chair, Mary Todorov, recaps this month’s crisis communication event, which featured high profile national and/or international incident management professionals – the likes of which she wishes she had access to in her formative years as a communicator. Here’s what Mary had to say about the event:

A crisis, as they say, can strike anytime and anywhere.

Powerful strategies, tips and stories of adventures in Crisis Communications were shared at our last event. I envied the guests in the room. I wish I’d had access to speakers of such calibre in my early years in issues and crisis management. Our speakers covered a range of topics and case studies, and all panellists, including our moderator, have high profile national and/or international incident management experience, which made their insights compelling and highly relevant to our audience.

The panellists were Nicole Matejic, internationally recognised as a military information operations adviser and social cohesion expert; Rebecca Wilson, CEO of WE Buchan, who specialises in complex critical response and incident management and Ella McPherson, an Executive Director, Change Strategy, for the Victorian Department of Education and Training (and formerly for DHS). Our industry-leading speakers were complemented by David Hawkins, Managing Director of Socom (an award winning strategic communications agency). He asked the tough questions and we got straight shooting honest answers – pure gold for a comms practitioner like me who thought she had heard or seen it all. I was in awe.

If you were looking for best practice in our current environment, laden with real time responses and social media savvy-ness, told in clear language while imparting clever strategies across multiple communications fronts, you got it. Sharing personal triumphs and learnings in an authentic voice, to an audience of peers), was incredibly generous and demonstrated the commitment of our panellists to building these skills across the communications community. The goodwill and wisdom imparted on the night, and the rich experience of our expert panel made this an incredibly valuable professional experience for all who attended.