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In February the $40 application fee will be waived for new or lapsed members who re-join PLUS new or re-joining members get one month free for every new member they recruit in February.

Application fee waived

For each new or lapsed member who joins or re-joins IABC during February, we will waive the usual application fee of AUS$40. Deadline is 28 February 2013 to qualify.

BONUS – Get a Free Month or More

New/lapsed members who enroll in February will receive one free month of membership for each new member that they recruit (up to one year of free membership). Recruited member(s) must enroll in February.

Lapsed members who rejoin and recruit new members must be lapsed six months or more to qualify for the free month(s). 

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This promotion does not apply to renewing members, students or transitional members who are not required to pay the application fee.