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A greater focus on mobile could be a boon for the world's communicators.


A few months ago, Rohit Sharma of True Ventures tweeted that “Mobile is the only thing bigger than its own hype in tech… it will dominate all other platforms.”

He’s right on both counts. Despite the fact that smartphones and tablets are rapidly taking over the web, their potential is often relegated to an afterthought in the grand scheme of all things digital.

And that’s a shame, because a greater focus on mobile has the potential to make your communications faster, simpler and more engaging than ever before. Here’s five reasons why.


Mobiles are in everyone’s faces

Mobile is rapidly becoming the web user’s device of choice. Which means it must become your device of choice as well.

Just the other day, Telstra’s Smartphone Index reported that over 60% of Australians own a smartphone and that younger Australians are using their smartphones for the equivalent of 29 days a year. Meanwhile, in the US, mobile usage is rocketing. The time spent on smartphones and tablets by US adults has grown from an average of 11 minutes a day in 2010 to 140 minutes in 2013. This growth has been so rapid, that adults will spend more online time on mobile devices this year than they will on desktops and laptops. 


Mobiles are a short-cut to your people

Real-time communications has always been a nice thought, but you can’t do real real time when your people, journalists and other stakeholders are out on the road with their laptops turned off, zipped up in a bag or sitting on the office desk.

But mobile solves that problem (and makes real time a reality) because it’s there all the time. And the power of this is enormous. Think about what you could achieve for instantaneous news coverage by mobilising your PR. Or think about how much you could shorten your reaction and communication times in a crisis.


Mobiles are click and communicate

Combine cameras, video cameras, voice recorders and good old text with the likes of Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, MMS and so on. What have you got?

A slick and quick communications tool that can bring all your communications immediately to life. A must-have in these days when the life of a story can be measured in hours, if not minutes.

At a PR event or a conference? Click… take a couple of photos or a short video. Click… add a few words of text or audio. Click… post it all over the place and get it right into your stakeholders hands within seconds. All done on the spot with just a few clicks. Now, that’s an engagement engine.


Mobiles can keep you ahead of the game

In this rapidly moving world, you need to be in touch all the time. You can’t afford to be away from the action for even a minute because news about you could break anytime.

But with the always-on mobiles, vast array of news and social media aggregation apps, like Flipboard and Pulse, social media monitoring apps and news alert services out there today, you never need be blindsided by the news again.


Mobiles ramp up your influence

You may not think you’re in sales, but you are. After all, how much time do you spend sitting across a desk selling ideas, selling PR concepts, selling news stories or selling your company’s story… either internally or externally?

Imagine how much more influential you could be by sitting down, whipping out a tablet and launching straight into a visualisation that really brings your pitch to life. Or sharing that visualisation with anyone anywhere in the world in an instant

Not only do you have the devices to do this now, but you have a growing army of apps (like Haiku Deck and Storify) that make Powerpoint look positively complex.


What are you waiting for?

You’ve got two options here. Get ahead now… or fall behind later. So get stuck in and start exploring the world of mobile communications.

You’ll be glad you did.