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Well, this year's IABC event season is over. If you're an IABC member with a thirst for knowledge and a few spare minutes over the holidays, check out our archive of webinars just waiting for you.

The bad news: IABC has held some fantastic webinars throughout the year. Unfortunately, most of them occur at a time of the day when we're all fast asleep.

The good news: Most of these webinars are archived so that you can circle back and view them whenever you wish.

The even better news: And, if you're an IABC member most of them are free!

So, if you've got a few lazy minutes to spare over summer and you're hungry for knowledge, why not take the opportunity to check these webinars out?


IABC Victoria Webinar: How to build your communications career

If you missed this valuable free webinar from Mark Schumann, find your way to the article from Ampersand's Tim James – 'The changing communications flight path – from specialist to generalist'.

At the base of this article, you'll find a video version of the webinar.


Free webinars from IABC

If you're an IABC member, log onto the using your member number and password, then go here. You'll find a list a great archieved webinars including the following. Just click on the webinar and press 'playback' You maybe asked to download the Webex Network Recording Player.

Globalize Your CEO's Communication Skills
Recorded 7 November 2013. Presented by Barbara Gibson, Principal, Cultural Resolution, U.K.

Collaboration Success: Driving and Measuring Business Value with Enterprise Social
Recorded 22 October 2013. Presented by Rav Dhaliwal, Director of Customer Success Management for U.K., France & Germany, Yammer    

Harnessing the power of video to engage employees
Recorded 2 October 2013. Presented by Ron Shewchuk, ABC, Master Communicator, Ron Shewchuk Consulting Inc.

Unleash your inner storyteller
Recorded 28 August 2013. Presented by Lynda McDaniel, Director, Association for Creative Business Writing.

Achieve success through personal branding
Recorded 21 August 2013. Presented by Heather Huhman, Founder and President, Come Recommended.

Measuring What Matters in Owned, Earned & Paid Media
Recorded 10 July 2013. Presented by Dane Wiseman, Critical Mention and Janet Harris, Upstream Analysis.

Introduction to visualization
Recorded 14 May 2013. Presented by Alberto Cairo, Lecturer, University of Miami, School of Communication and author of The Functional Art: An introduction to information graphics and visualization.

Creating ethics and authenticity through communications
Recorded 1 May 2013. Presented by Shannon Bowen, Ph.D., author and Associate Professor, University of South Carolina.