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IABC Global Chair, Russell Grossman ABC, reflects on his very busy recent visit to Australia.

I write this having just completed a week-long visit to three of our Australian Chapters – Canberra, Queensland (based out of Brisbane) and Victoria (based in Melbourne). This visit was partly funded by IABC globally, partly by the local chapters, and partly from my own pocket.

In each case, I met with the local Chair and discussed progress of the Chapter; and in Canberra and Victoria I spent a couple of fairly intensive days in each City visiting corporate and prospective corporate members, promoting IABC. 

I want to give a big thank you especially to Leanne Joyce and her team in Canberra; and Zora Artis and her team in Melbourne for arranging a very full schedule for the week (including straight off the plane from London).

In both cities, I was hugely impressed with the reach IABC has into business and Government.  

I spoke with large audiences at the headquarters of organisations, including the Australian Federal Police, the Victoria Police, KPMG, Telstra, the Australian Department of Health, the Australian Tax Office, ANZ Bank, VicRoads, the Victorian Environmental Protection Agency, the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, and Transpacific – a big waste management company.

I also spent nearly an hour with the Australian Minister for Small Business, the Hon Bruce Billson MP; plus I gave a number of media interviews and recorded a podcast.

Three things have struck me doing these visits.

First – how strong the IABC brand is, and could be further, in Australia.

Second- the potential we have globally for creating more value for our corporate members.  Communications is a force for good in business: we have many senior members – those at the ‘business leader’ level of the IABC Career Road Map – who could perhaps give a little of their time pro bono to share their knowledge on relevant topics, while carrying the IABC brand.

Third – how hard our IABC leaders work for the profession and the Association, all of whom have another job to cope with.   In today’s difficult business environment, this is really appreciated.

Thank you for inviting me to Australia….. and especially to Melbourne, which many people know is my favourite city in the whole world. It, and IABC in Australia, remain as special as ever.