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This month we speak to Christine Elmer of Cabrini Health.

1. Christine, what's your current role?

I am currently employed as the Director of Marketing and Community Relations for Cabrini Health, a large private not-for-profit health service with multiple sites. I manage a small team of specialist communication professionals. Our department provides expertise and services in public relations, internal communication, digital communication, media relations,events, stakeholder relations, publications and community participation.

2. Why did you decide to join IABC Victoria?

I decided to join IABC Victoria because of its reputation, sophisticated resources, materials, events and the nature of its membership. I had attended other Institutes and associations' functions in the past but I found that events made available by the IABC met my needs better. In other words, there seemed to be more people like me. I attended a few events, got to know a
few other members and I got the sense that IABC was my tribe.

3. How has your membership helped you in your work?

IABC Victoria has helped me in my work through contacts and information. In my current role, I have hired other members as consultants and employees and they have helped me in my work enormously through contributing their skills, knowledge and expertise.

4. Which aspect of IABC Victoria membership do you value most and why?

What I value most about IABCVictoria is being part of a professional community with other like-minded practitioners.

If you’re inspired by Christine’s story and are not a member, find out more about the benefits of joining IABC today.