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In a new initiative, we would like to share some of the stories of our dedicated IABC Victoria members. This issue we hear from Graeme Domm who recently celebrated 10 years as an IABC Victoria member, and remains an IABC member from his current base in Vietnam.

(1) Graeme, what’s your current role?

I’m Director of Communications at RMIT University, based in Vietnam.

(2) Why did you decide to join IABC?

I joined IABC Victoria because I wanted to be part of a global community of communication professionals – to benefit from the knowledge of others and play a part in the development of higher standards of performance, ethics and professionalism in the industry.

(3) What aspect of communications are you most passionate about and why?

I’m passionate about the need to fully engage people in ‘real’ communication that’s straightforward and respectful two-way dialogue – and move away from the kind of cynical one-way ‘corporate speak’ that has brought increasing disrepute upon corporate communicators across the globe.

There is a need for a new tone and spirit in business communication. New social media platforms highlight the need for this, but the need has been there for a long time – it’s just now more obvious. People must be treated in a way that respects their intelligence, their capacity to embrace complexity and their willingness to participate in thoughtful discussion when encouraged to do so. No one likes to feel patronised.

(4) How does being a member of IABC help you as a communications professional?

Being a member of IABC helps keep me abreast of important trends and developments, puts me in touch with a wonderful global community of fellow passionate practitioners and also helps give me valuable points of comparison. This means I can better evaluate what’s going on where I’m working and the challenges being faced by others. All of this helps me to become better in what I do.

If you’re inspired by Graeme’s story and are not a member, find out more about the benefits of joining IABC today.