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What’s new in communications?

Did you miss the recent mid-week mingle? Here’s some musings on the conversation and discussions.

There seems to be an overflow in the amount of communications work available – from health and wellbeing, to internal communications and new digital platforms. Agency work is increasing and Seek is booming with open positions. Has everyone just discovered what we always knew? Communications is essential!

New experiences

Several of our members are looking to the year to try new experiences, expand themselves and look for opportunities. Members are attending seminars and talks to build their knowledge base; others are exploring work options or writing articles for professional publication.

Working from home continues, some members have only just met their colleagues in person. The city is quiet and there is movement out of the CBD. A member described how their role has transformed moving from a large organisation to small, changing from focussed responsibility to providing a wide variety of work.

We acknowledge the continuous evolvement of work and communications as we progress through the pandemic.

Am I a podcaster or a podcastee?

I love a good podcast, from the professional GovComms (hear our IABC Victoria president EP#107) to the scientific RadioLab, a crime story like West Cork or everyday stories from ABC Conversations.

What happens if you are invited to participate in a podcast (see GovComms above)? Our members said you need:

  • a deep voice
  • pauses between sentences, and
  • practice!

Ask for the questions beforehand, but if you get thrown a curveball say, “that’s a great question, do you know what’s another great question?” then launch into what you want to say.

When trends become trends

How do trends evolve? Tech trends are all about the build-up before everyone starts talking about the next big thing. Most trends you can see two-years out, but there are others that are a slow burn. Virtual reality is still building after more than a decade, and blockchain is still interesting but it hasn’t really taken off yet.

What are the latest trends in communications? Hear from leading industry experts at the IABC World Conference 2021, 28-30 June ‘It’s about time to innovate’.

Speaking of trends – has the power of the story become the power of the anecdote? Check out @StateofLinkedIn on Twitter.

Want to hear more? Join us for our next mid-week mingle, check out IABC Victoria events, or look out for updates via email.