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During April communicators gathered from across the globe for IABC Converge, a two-day virtual communications conference.

Your IABC Victoria Professional Development Chair, Amy Gibbs shares her ‘top 7’ insights gleaned from keynote speaker Trudy Lewis, who challenged us to think about what type of leadership do we need to see, and how do we support and enable them (leaders) to connect, engage and be relevant?


  1. Understanding and creating an environment for leaders to thrive may not be considered a communication issue, but in many ways, it is if we position ourselves to influence and guide through things like coaching, and by helping them to understand the importance of social and purposeful leadership.
  2. Many leaders see communicators as deliverers, not strategic. Globally, throughout the pandemic, communicators have been acknowledged more and recognised for helping business to communicate at a challenging time.
  3. Leaders don’t always understand the need to communicate effectively, they want the message delivered, the outcome but don’t pay attention to the ‘how’. This is a risk and where communicators come in.
  4. There’s a strategic place for all of us – even if we’re not all at the level of senior leadership.
  5. Communicators need to remain curious to address what leaders really do in order to be successful.
  6. Communicators need to be bold, challenge conversations and give great advice.
  7. We are always aware of how messages will land with people as individuals – internally or externally. This is why we have good advice to give in supporting strategic goals.