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Adrian Cropley ABC – Chair of the IABC Academy Committee and head of Melbourne-based Cropley Communication – introduces an exciting new initiative from IABC.

The IABC World Conference in Toronto earlier this month saw the launch of the IABC Academy delivering on the association's 2012 – 2014 strategic plan. The IABC Academy in simple terms will deliver career support services globally for our members, organisations and the wider profession. It will also generate new revenue streams for the association locally and internationally to support further investment in services to our members.


Overview of Academy Services

There are five key areas the Academy will focus on initially

1. Curriculum Development and Programs

This area has two main functions:

  • Ensuring the curriculum is developed and kept up to date in line with the evolving standards of the profession.
  • Delivering courses and programs aligned to the career roadmap, supporting communication professionals at all stages of their career.

2. Career Assessment & Support Tools

  • Tools to help support organisations and communication professionals assess career needs

3. Accrediting Courses & Programs

  • The Academy will provide a review and accrediting process for programs offered by other providers, organisations and Academia. It will also be advising program alignment with the Global Standard℠ of the communication profession. This will give programs the ability to be branded as an IABC accredited program.

4. Region & Chapter Support

  • The Academy will partner with IABC regions and chapters in developing their professional development programs and providing content that can be delivered in the local market. There will be opportunities to raise the profile of professional development through a global training calendar listing opportunities no mater where in the world courses are running.

5. Working with corporate members and Academia

  • Looking at opportunities to partner with our corporate members and academia on training and development programs.


How did the Academy evolve?

The catalyst for a number of new offerings, program improvements and initiatives for IABC was the Career roadmap committee. Formed in September 2011, the committee comprises of members of IABC globally, including representation from the various program committees. It's goal has been to set a direction to define the career road map for a communication professional and to align IABC programs to this roadmap.

The outcome of three years of excellent work by the committee has been evident across a number of program areas for IABC, including the development of the future business model for the association. This work has seen some great outcomes including:

  • A refreshed Gold Quill program, with a new online process, evaluator training and real value in the feedback given to applicants.
  • The development of the Global Standard℠ of the communication profession.
  • Defining the four career paths for a communication professional.
  • Alignment of curriculum to support the career paths.
  • The evolution of the Accreditation (ABC) process to a new certification process, that will develop certification for individuals across all career paths and be in line with ISO standards globally.

The work of the Career Roadmap committee has now evolved into the establishment of the Global Certification Council, which will drive new certifications for the profession. Also the establishment of the IABC Academy, which will drive, career services for the profession and strengthen IABC business.

It feels like a long journey, but the future is now here and I am personally looking forward to growing the Academy over the coming year. Stay tuned.

Adrian Cropley, ABC

Chair – IABC Academy Committee