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Yesterday I attended the Global Alliance World PR Forum.  To anyone who missed the buzz,  the forum was held this week in Melbourne, 19 & 20 November, and attracted speakers and attendees from around the world. With the caliber of speakers brought in for the event, understandably there was a lot to see, hear and discuss.  So, what did I get out of this?  Here are my top takeaways:

  • Communicators need to sit at the decision making table to be most effective.  This was a common theme from a number of speakers. To help manage reputations,  be involved in strategy development and really impact business decisions, we can't have a back seat. 
  • Employee engagement is critical during business downturn – asking workers to do more with less is the wrong approach. Now is the time to invest in L&D and see the positive results to your bottom line.
  • Communicators cannot BS  (a wonderful comment from Virginia Trioli Master of Ceremonies)- not matter what your field of comms honesty, integrity and the truth is paramount

And there was so much more. IABC members Adrian Cropley and Russell Grossman held a fantastic session on standardising the communication profession. They have spent the past 12 months identifying six principles and four career stages, and used the working session to gather feedback and generate a great discussion. While still in development stage the general consensus was that this is a valuable piece of work – keep going.

But this is just my opinion. Review the twitter feed #wprf for (#wprf regularly hit the No. 1 – the most trending topic on Twitter in Australia ) , check out our own twitter feed @iabcvic , and have a look at the WPRF website.

Finally, thank you to the IABC for the opportunity to attend the WPRF. The IABC regularly gives members the opportunity to apply for monetary scholarships to events such as these and I was lucky enough to win one this time.


Amanda Riley

IABC Board Member – Communications Chair