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The APAC region is full of communication professionals, but only two are IABC certified Communication Management Professionals (CMP). To join this exclusive list, sit the exam in Melbourne this October and make a commitment to your ongoing professional development.

Mardi StewartLast month we met Communication Management Professional Pat Mallam, from Nadi Fiji. This month, we head to Canberra to meet Mardi Stewart – Director, Communication and Media, Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

What motivated you to complete the exam?
I am passionate about the communication profession. On the job learning is something most communication professionals do everyday. With change occurring at a rapid pace, and the evolving role of the communication practitioner, keeping up-to-date is vital. The CMP provides an opportunity to assess whether your professional training, education, experience and knowledge is at an international industry standard.

How has your perspective changed following the exam?
The process provides an opportunity for career reflection. There is always the opportunity to learn something new. I was impressed with the comprehensive application process. I haven’t sat an exam for many years, so that was quite daunting! I’m more conscious of undertaking professional development to ensure I met the continuing professional development required to maintain my Communication Management Professional certification status.

Why would you recommend it to others?
An IOS (International Organization for Standardization) accreditation for communication professionals is an exciting development. It should be the goal of every communication practitioner to have the necessary knowledge and experience to achieve a global credential. It has the potential to give each of us greater credibility and influence within our organisations and industry.

Having a globally-recognised certification provides an opportunity for employers to have confidence in your ability, knowledge and experience. It also shows you strive to achieve higher standards of learning and career development.