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Did you know that IABC Victoria has an active student and graduate community? We call it our New Communicators Network. With student ambassadors at four of Melbourne’s universities, and an active Facebook group sharing news and job opportunities, if you’re a student or recent graduate, get it touch!
Ida Holmen is an International student from Denmark, currently studying a Masters Degree in Communication at RMIT. She is one of four IABC student ambassadors who are making the most out of professional development opportunities, while assisting fellow students grow their professional network.


What does the communications industry mean to you?

I am passionate about, as well as fascinated by, mastering communication; it is a skill that is applicable to every industry, and I am interested in learning how to apply the academic knowledge in the real world. I have always believed in learning-by-doing, and that challenges are a motivation and an opportunity develop new skills. The communications industry itself is, for me, the crucial and mutually beneficial link between organisations and their stakeholders. It’s about getting people engaged and informed by telling a story in the best way possible. In particular, I love to explore the connection between research, facts and human behaviour.


If you had one tip to give to any students thinking about studying communication, what would it be?

Be open for different ways of thinking – there are so many aspects of the communications field and your role is to understand both the situation, and the best way to strategically reach your audience. Some of the best communications plans are based on comprehensive research; you’ll need to be both scientific and creative, while having a passion for understanding human behaviour. Keep yourself informed about the environment you’re working in and connected to other communications professional – they are your best source of advice and support.


How have you found the IABC network and the people you have met?

I love the atmosphere of IABC, and the interest and support the network of people have shown me. The professionals I have met are always happy to help and guide me in the right direction, by sharing their knowledge and experience from the field. Especially as a student, it is great to get insider knowledge of the realities of working in the different fields of the communication industry, and I feel that I’m getting a head start on my career path. The events are such a great opportunity to connect, not only with other like-minded students but also with a vast community of media and communication professionals.


What do you hope to achieve by being an IABC student ambassador?

I hope to share the importance of creating networks with other students, and also garner a greater understanding of how to kick-start my career.


What is your favourite aspect about living and studying in Australia?

Melbourne has a really diverse population and I love being a part of it. It has been great getting to explore my new city, and the coffee is just incredible too. I enjoy meeting new people while at uni, and working with IABC Vic has opened so many doors for me.