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Arun Kayal SCMP – Associate Director, Communication – ANZ

1. Hi Arun! Tell us about what you do at ANZ.

I work with one of the big four Australian banks that has a large international network and I support the institutional business. Banks play a critical role in any economy. A large part of my job is to enable our stakeholders understand how the bank is helping communities thrive by improving financial wellbeing of customers.

2. When did you join IABC Victoria and why?

I’ve been interested in joining an industry body for the past couple of years. I went to the IABC FUSION Conference in Melbourne in 2018, and it was the high calibre of professionals participating in the conference and other events around that time which convinced me that joining IABC Victoria was well worth my time. Besides, I genuinely appreciate the approachable and friendly IABC Victoria Board – they’re always just a call or an email away.

3. In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing communication professionals right now, and in the future?

Communication is a profession that continues to evolve and so does the role of communications professionals. Lines are blurred between internal and external communication with authenticity and relevance being key. The biggest opportunity for us is to ensure we continue to develop ourselves and share our experiences and lessons with the broader network to raise the standard.

4. How do you think IABC can help communication professionals overcome these challenges and stay ahead of the game?

IABC has been doing a great job in enabling and uplifting the communication profession. The professional development opportunities available to members and non-members helps in building skills and sharing intel with each other. I completed my Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) certification through IABC last year, and it’s one of the best self-development investments I’ve made. Certification is important as it gives you tremendous confidence that you’re aligned to global communication standards and best practices.

5. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in our profession?

Don’t get drawn into learning and using jargons or acronyms. Keep it simple but interesting.


About Arun Kayal SCMP:

Arun has worked in internal communications and employee engagement for over 15 years, including periods in Mumbai, London and Kuwait with well-known global brands. It was the line-up of speakers at the IABC Fusion conference in 2018 that convinced Arun to join the IABC network, and since joining IABC he has also gained his Strategic Communications Management Professional (SCMP) certification through the Global Certification Communication Council.