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Juliette Elfick, Media and Communications Adviser, AAP Medianet

1. Hi Juliette! Tell us about what you do at AAP.

I have a broad role – editorial adviser on Media Movements newsletters, sourcing media talent for our events, and providing communications advice. It’s quite a reactive role but gives me an unparalleled overview of the Australia media landscape right now. Outside of my Medianet role, one day a week I’m a marketing and communications consultant where I get to use my strategic communications, video and social media skills. I also mentor a communications professional who works at a community organisation.

2. When did you join IABC Victoria and why?

Someone I’ve known and respected professionally for a while joined up so I looked into it and joined up too. I was drawn to the mix of professional development events and the opportunity to meet other communications professionals – both of which have been great for me.

3. In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing communication professionals right now, and in the future?

The biggest challenge right now is trying to make sense of the inconsistent and sometimes irresponsible messaging around coronavirus (COVID-19) from our governments. I really feel for internal communications people. On a broader level, I think a huge challenge is keeping up with new technologies and particularly the new communications and social media platforms, and trying to figure out what to use and how to use it, and keep up with what others are using.

4. How do you think IABC can help communication professionals overcome these challenges and stay ahead of the game?

The IABC professional development webinars are great and these, combined with forums and networking events, help us all understand what tech our colleagues around the world are using and how we can best use it. As traditional media slowly fades away we need to keep up with what’s replacing it and an international organisation like IABC is great place to find out about the latest developments and trends.

5. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in our profession?

Keep up with what digital and social platforms people are using, but don’t forget about the value of more traditional forms of communications. In certain settings, brochures, posters, and email blasts can be more effective than social media where there is so much noise now. I’d also say keep up with what’s going on outside your area of communications, so you don’t get stuck in a niche that’s hard to get out of later in your career.


About Juliette Elfick,
Media and Communications Adviser, AAP Medianet
Juliette has worked across the full spectrum of media and communications for almost a decade. While studying a Masters in Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne, she wrote a thesis on the different ways Australian political journalists were using Twitter. She combines her interest in Australian politics and media, and communications technologies in her role at AAP Medianet.