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Brittany Dupree

Brittany Dupree

Communication and Advocacy Manager, Sacred Heart Mission

Tell us about what you do at Sacred Heart Mission

My role is diverse. One day I can be in the dining hall shadowing guests and teaching them about the Mission’s work, the next I’m writing a blog or a communication plan, coordinating media, or attending a state budget submission consultation. I’m proud of working on our organisation’s communication strategy, as well as raising awareness of trauma and homelessness.

When did you join IABC Victoria?

I am a newbie, I joined in April and I’m looking forward to attending more events and networking opportunities.

Why did you become an IABC Victoria member?

I moved to Melbourne 17 months ago from Adelaide for better career opportunities and to meet more like-minded people. I joined IABC because I wanted to be part of a network that offers innovative thinking, best practices, in-depth learning and career guidance; my philosophy is you never stop learning. I’m the only communication professional in my organisation of 300 people, and I want to be able to reach out to mentors and create a supportive network for myself so I can continually improve.

What do you hope to gain from your membership with IABC Victoria?

I’m at a stage in my career where I want to take my skills to the next level and become a more strategic manager. I’m particularly interested in learning more about change management. I work in a challenging not-for-profit environment, which is undergoing a great deal of change. I would also like to network with other communication professionals, both here and around the world.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing communication professionals today?

In my experience, it’s getting the business to realise the value of internal and change communication which is key to effective organisational outcomes and engaged staff. Right now at the Mission our focus is on sharing our story, to inspire support and help sure staff understand our bold 10-year strategy – it’s a challenge. I read an article recently in CW Observer titled, What I learned about engagement and storytelling at IABC’s World Conference’ by Caroline Kealey. She talks about change communication emerging as one of the most sought-after competencies among strategic communicators and mentions one of the presenters made the point that all strategy is change and the way people cope with that is by making sense of things through stories. That’s exactly the change framework we’re using at the Mission.

How do you think IABC Victoria can help communication professionals overcome this challenge?

 I think IABC has great resources, connections and learning opportunities to help us improve our practice, including thought leadership from experts around the world. Caroline’s article has already given me great insights and tips that will assist me moving forward and help me become a better communication professional.

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