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Greetings all,

It’s been another mighty full month with all things IABC. I have just had the great pleasure of notifying our Bronze Quill Winners of their success. Congratulations to Lelde McCoy, Kelly Vandrine, James Howe, Amy Laird, Laura Butler and Chris Dvoracek for their wins. The Bronze Quills recognise those submissions that were strong enough to progress to Blue Ribbon Judging. Of course it did not stop there – Lelde, Kelly, Amy and Chris have also gone on to win Gold Quill Awards as well, and we share details with you over the coming month. Awesome stuff!!

Our Bronze Quill Winners will be recognised at our Gala Dinner on 26 May. Just a reminder, this event did sell out last year, so please, please, please – get in early!

This month I want to acknowledge our PR & Branding Chair Mike Lagastes. The PR & Branding chair was a new position introduced a few years ago and our current vice chair Kate O Donnell did a sterling job of setting that up. Mike has now taken up the baton and he works exceptionally hard to ensure that all of the portfolios consider the Brand implications in their work and finding content that is representative of both the brand and our community for inclusion on the blog and the newsletter.

The IABC Brand definition acknowledges the organisation as a not-for-profit international network of professionals committed to improving the effectiveness of organisations through strategic interactive and integrated business communication management. On a local level however, the Victorian chapter understands that it is knowledge, networking, recognition & belonging that are most important to our members. Mike manages these key offerings to strengthen the operations of IABC Victoria. As part of his role, Mike is also one of the ‘voices’ of the IABC Victoria Twitter account (@iabcvic).

Finally, a hearty congratulations to Deborah Tabart (AOM), CEO of the Australian Koala Foundation for being the first woman to win an IABC Excel Award for Excellence in Communication Leadership. I have said it before, we punch above our weight in Australia and to have an Australian recognised like this in the company of CEOs of XEROX, Best Buy and the Marriot International is truly worth celebrating.

Cheers all,