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As we get older it seems every year goes by faster than the last. August marks 12 months since I began my Presidency and I really can’t believe I am sitting down to write the last of my President’s letters. What a year it has been!

A detailed report of the Chapter’s achievements and operations will be shared prior to, and at the AGM, but I have summarised some of the chapter’s highlights below. The AGM will be held on Thursday August 30 at the Wheeler Centre and all members are welcome to attend.

Some of the highlights of our year include:

  • Welcoming Professional Partners, 360m and Carerra Partners on board as sponsors
  • Maintaining our large chapter (>200 members) status – something that was looking to be challenging at the beginning of the year however, we were  able to stabilise numbers after implementation of member retention and relationship strategies.
  • Conducting our member engagement survey to get direct feedback from you on what you want out of your membership
  • Hosting the 2nd annual Bronze Quill awards at our Cocktail Evening at Vu de monde
  • The development of the IABC Victoria brand strategy (huge thanks to the support of Ellis-Jones in facilitating this)
  • Continuing to increase awareness around Accreditation (2 members are currently enrolled in the process)
  • Further strengthening our relationship with IABC Head Office in San Francisco

I would like to thank those that served on the board throughout this year. We were so lucky to have recruited a diverse board of passionate and enthusiastic communicators and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone – Rebecca Cattran, Damian Mannix, James Howe, Kim Lovely, Jamie Garantziotis, Richard Roach, Jess Cicioelli, Sam Regester, Caitlin Stonehouse, and Kelly Vandrine. Thank you also to Belinda Lawrie and Amanda Riley who will be continuing on the board for the next term.

My sincere appreciation also must go to the other members of the leadership team; Past President Jennifer Frahm and Vice Monika Lancucki for their sage support and counsel this year.

I have huge faith in President-Elect Monika Lancucki and the new board and I wish them all the best for the next twelve months. There are many great things coming your way!

We have such a generous and supportive local communications community and it is this sense of belonging that makes IABC really special. It has really been an honour and a privilege to lead the association and I thank all of you for your continued support of IABC.

Signing off for the last time,