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Greetings all,

So this is my last President’s letter.  And hasn’t this been a year that has flown by!

I started the year with three goals for the board to focus on; increase member engagement, be more transparent about the workings of the chapter, and focus on sustainability both from an industry perspective and work / life balance with the board.

While self-assessment always has its perils, I am comfortable that in leaving the role of Chapter President we have performed extremely well in these regard, and more importantly as a team.  I have detailed these achievements further in the President's Report  sent out last week, but some of the highlights with regards to the goals have included:

  • Members using Linkedin, twitter and the new comment function on the website to engage on a more frequent basis.
  • Increasing new membership 6% from last year
  • Increasing retained membership by 12% from last year
  • Getting your feedback on issues that relate to global versus local activity
  • A continued increase in volunteer activity
  • The induction of two new student board chairs
  • Restructuring of high effort portfolios into team based approaches
  • The launch of the new website and supporting communications platforms that permit a collaborative approach to providing content


It’s been a big year for the Board and as with any year your representative board members have been challenged with all that life throws at you – illness, job change, family commitments demanding of attention.  But together, the board has pulled together and supported each other to produce a truly fantastic year of achievements.  I would like to offer a very big thank you to the Board members who are rolling off or who have rolled off during the year: Mirella Manganaro, Elise Olney, Mike Lagaste, Kelly Marshall, Anny Ma and Jen Quilty.   I would also like to thank Rebecca Cattran, Kelly Vandrine, Damian Mannix and Jess Ciccioelli for their efforts. And of course, my extreme gratitude to Kate O’Donnell who has provided tremendous support and leadership at times when I have had to take a back seat.

I’ll leave it to Kate to introduce the new board  — but in the words of the legendary Big Kev “I’m Excited”.  Kate, Rebecca, Damian, Jess and Kelly have got some fabulous talent joining them!

Thank you too for your comments, your feedback, and support.  Chapter Presidency is a demanding role, but it is a privilege and one I am very grateful for having taken.