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Greetings all,

I’m hoping that a few of you have made the most of the Member Get  A Member Promotion and have scored a few extra months on your membership. With all the press on cost of living increases and carbon taxes getting a 25% extension on your membership has to be a welcome bonus! It’s still open until the end of July if you wish to make the most of it .

I’m also hoping that there’s a few of you keen to apply for next year’s board! You will have received the notice of the AGM on the 18th of August and we do have quite a few roles available. If you have been thinking about how to accelerate your career through a leadership role this might be the time to step forward.

There’s been some interesting conversations of late – President Elect Kate O Donnell and I met with CEO of PRIA Jon Bisset to discuss next years World PR Forum to be held in Melbourne in November. IABC is a member of the Global Alliance (as is PRIA) and the World Forum is being hosted by PRIA. As we are a member of the Global Alliance it is expected that we shall have a role in the conference.

I’m also being interviewed this week for an article on the Best Practices in Internal Communication for Knowledge, an online magazine for the University of NSW. It’s a great opportunity to talk up the benefits of the ABC accreditation program and the Gold Quill Awards

We’re also doing some exciting work exploring a new member benefit program for you as well. It involves matching new members or early career members with experience members or those more senior in the profession to catch up for a coffee and chat. We’d like to keep it informal – but if you have any thoughts about such a program and what you would like to get out of it, do shout out (or leave us a comment).

Finally, a big congratulations to former IABC Victoria President Adrian Cropley for his official transition to IABC Executive Chair for 2011-2012.  Adrian is now officially grand poo bah of IABC and very hard to track down! That being said, it is a wonderful coup for us locally, as our voice will well and truly “Be Heard”.

Till next,