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Hi all,

A brief one from me while Kate is on leave…

Well how timely have we been in organising a Be There lunch session on Crisis Comms & Reputation on November 18.  I am sure our experts will be keen to share their thoughts on how Qantas have managed the episode. Whether you agree or not will be another matter.

IABC Chair Adrian Cropley blogged his thoughts and was highly critical of the CEO and  what looks to be a lack of communication advisors involved. The end result as Adrian sees it will be irrevocable damage to the Qantas brand.

Anne Sorensen provides a timely reminder on the importance of trust in reputation in considering how Qantas may need to rebuild its brand.

I take a different view in that I’m not sure that Qantas has incurred much damage, nor would I have advised anything different. It was quick decisive action that forced a decision that would enable the business to continue unimpeded. The share price had dropped since the Unions started industrial action in August and rose after Joyce’s action, and continues to rise. Sounds like trust in a brand to me.  I also though the eDM sent to Frequent Flyers had all the markers of great leadership and change communication to me – personal responsibility, acknowledging the negative consequences, and providing a clear direction.

No doubt it will be a topic that divides IABCers – you can still get tickets to the lunch here

Other than that, a terrific evening was spent with the Accreditation Roundtable – Thanks to Amy Baird (ABC), and Kelly Vandrine for taking the attendees through writing a winning Gold Quill entry. Heads up – there’s a survey coming your way so we can check on how we can continue to provide you with value. We know there are so many surveys out there – but we can’t improve if we don’t know your thoughts.

Finally, who’s blogging at the moment? Jamie Garantziotis, Communications Chair of the board of IABC Victoria is organising a blogroll on the website. Let us know your blog address and we will include there and share the local thought leadership!

Oh, and I almost forgot! The silly season fast approaches. Please diarise December 1 and click here for details of our end of year celebration (Be Merry).


Jennifer Frahm

Immediate Past President – IABC Victoria