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Hello everyone,

You may have noticed that this newsletter is a little later than usual. Apologies as we’ve had a few unexpected issues arise that have delayed the distribution. There has been a fair amount of activity and news to report since our last edition.


Board changes

Firstly we’ve had changes at Chapter board level. Over the past couple of months three of our hard working board members have retired – Louisa Graham, Louise Richards Green and Julie McNamara. Louisa has her hands full with the birth of Grace, while Louise and Julie are pursuing other exciting opportunities. In the Professional Development (Events) portfolio we welcome two very enthusiastic co-chairs – Anna Chalko and Vanessa Snowden. Thanks also to Monika Lancucki ABC who has taken on the role of Secretary and Damien Batey who has taken on the Finance portfolio.



If you have been following IABC at a global level you may have noticed that the International Executive Board Chair Russell Grossman is keen to engage with members and communication practitioners on a personal level. He is sharing his thoughts and updates via a blog ( and Twitter @RussellAtIABC. Please feel free to follow and engage with him on either platform.

Russell will be in the region in late November this year for renowned Philippine Quill Awards and we are hoping that he will include another visit to his favourite city, Melbourne. We shall let you know of the plans in the coming months.

At the international level there has been extensive discussion about bringing forward the entry dates for the Gold Quill Award program for 2015 to give the judges more time to evaluate the entries ensuring continued consistency and a high standard of judging. The awards would be still be conferred at the World Conference in June. We anticipate advice in the coming few weeks regarding the change to entry dates.

Continuing on with the international theme from last month (where we featured the story from Cisco on how they’ve revolutionised their brand experience through language), our latest newsletter features a blog piece from Shel Holtz. Shel is a highly regarded digital and social media communicator and IABC Fellow based in the US. He shares with his thoughts on three key trends that will have an effect on our role as communicators.



Many of you attended last month’s event on The Art of Online Reputation Management moderated by Deakin University’s Ross Monaghan. Our diverse panelists shared their thoughts and learning on how they are building their brands’ reputations and connecting with connected audiences and influencers via the digital and social platforms. The Storify tweet stream from the event will give you a snapshot of the take-outs from the audience and their reactions to our guests from the Victorian Government, The Honey Bar and ANZ. Paul Edwards from ANZ also wrote a blog article following the event that you can read here. Thanks to Belinda Hayes, Steve Vallas, Paul Edwards and Ross Monaghan for taking the time to share.

Our next event is a lunch and learn style workshop focused on content. In an era of converging media and the democratisation of information, content is no longer the domain of journalists and communicators, but of many. Content is now currency – critical for building reputation and relationships with audiences and influencers. Most of us can do it but in reality few are truly good content makers. "We have brought together three of these – a professional communicator, Trevor Young, a blogger, Nicole Avery and a journalist now blogger, Ed Charles – to teach us how we can improve our content. Now this event will be on at lunchtime on Tuesday 26 August, which is only a few weeks away so make sure you register soon!



This year we are continuing to develop our relationships with our professional partners in order to extract optimum value for the profession, our members and our partners. I thought I’d share some of what we are doing with two our partners, Coral Communications and Ampersand Executive.

With Coral Communications we are currently in the early phase of developing our next industry leading research to provide fresh insights that will benefit the profession and be of value to IABC members. Expect to hear more in the coming months.

Together with Ampersand Executive, IABC Victoria has formed a peer-to-peer forum for senior executive corporate affairs and communication leaders from organisations across government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors. Its purpose is to discuss current and relevant issues and exchange ideas, and to potentially commission research, all with a view to shaping and developing the profile and capability of communication practitioners.

We welcome enquiries from organisations that may wish to discuss the possibility of becoming a professional partner of IABC Victoria. If you are interested then please contact Megan Taylor.

This month's newsletter also contains new articles from Coral and Ampersand. I'd invite you to read them.

While we are talking about our partners, I'd also like to sincerely thank Deakin University and The Launch Box for their valued support of our events. Deakin provides our event venue while The Launch Box provides event management services. It would be difficult to hold our events without them.



We’ve know that there will be change from time to time that will mean that you will have a new email contact. To stay abreast of what is happening within the profession it is important that we have your current contact details. So if you’ve changed yours then we’d appreciate if you could update these at It’s relatively easy to do once you’ve signed in.

Have you had a big win lately or work on a truly innovative communications project? If the answer is yes, why not let us profile your story in a case study? Not only will you build your own profile and that of your brand, but you will be helping build the skill base of the IABC community. So if you are interested then please contact Wayne Aspland for further information.

If you are subscriber to our newsletter but have not yet joined then I’d recommend that you take a minute to explore why at Alternatively, if you have at least five in your team then you should consider the corporate membership option. Our membership chair Julie Weldon would be happy to help you with any membership enquiries.

Don’t forget that I am always happy to grab a coffee to discuss any ideas, issues or opportunities with you. Just drop me a line at or connect with me on LinkedIn.

That’s all from me till next time.