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Pebbles and Ponds…

As communicators we sometimes grapple with how to distil our essential purpose into a pure, singular idea and with how to help those outside our profession properly comprehend the impact we make and the value we add to businesses and organisations.

The problem is that communicators now do so many different things. Increasingly in the “new normal” of integrated, multi-channel and omni-channel communications practice, we practice several disciplines concurrently, deploy suites of separate tactics and blend them to create impact in different places and amongst different audiences. We need to have a nuanced understanding of the “before”, the “now” and the “after” implications of every problem we try to solve, and of the various players and interactions that will influence the outcomes of the solutions we create. It can be pretty complex and confusing to try to explain to people.

It can be, but think it’s pretty straightforward actually. I think what communicators do is to throw pebbles into ponds. The pebbles and the ponds are different of course, they’re constantly changing and evolving, but the objective is always the same. To initiate an impact that generates energy and ripples out to create meaning and change.

One of the many privileges I have as the incoming President of the Victorian chapter  – in addition to getting the opportunity to work with the dedicated and incredibly talented group of people that make up the new 2017 IABC Victoria Board – is to get a much clearer perspective on what makes the IABC unique and how the energy within our member community and the communications profession in Victoria connects with and projects out into the wider world.

As part of this community of practitioners, any one of you can drop a pebble into the IABC pond locally and create ripples that can take you and your work into new places in Melbourne and Victoria, more broadly throughout Australia, into our region and into the rest of the world.

Come to an IABC Victoria event, like the upcoming April “Mid-Week Mingle” at Higher Ground in Little Bourke Street, and you could meet the person who changes and expands the scope of your career. Submit your communications campaign or initiative to be judged internationally, and you could win an IABC Gold Quill award (2017 Gold Quill winners announced!) recognising best practice communications around the world. Attend FUSION, the IABC Regional Conference in Singapore in August and you could meet with the leading thinkers in communications from across the Asia Pacific region. Or take it a step further and explore the IABC World Conference in Washington DC in June where Victorian chapter members Rita Zonius from the ANZ, and Opening Keynote Speaker Gabrielle Dolan will take their talents to the world stage.

In what’s shaping up to be a genuinely exciting year for the IABC in Victoria, whether the ripple you create takes you to Little Bourke St or to Washington DC, I hope you’ll join me and the rest of the Victorian Board over 2017 in celebrating and continuing to shape our vibrant and dynamic professional community.

As Ever,