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Do your communications or marketing achievements deserve global recognition? Would you like your team to join the prestigious list of Quills winners – like Medibank Private, Telstra, Ambulance Victoria, Bupa Australia, GE Capital, Ogilvy PR, AIA Australia and AureconIf so, you'll need to get in quick. Entries for the 2014 Quills close on March 10.

In our latest '5 minutes' interview, Amy Baird of AIA Australia talks about the value of her Quills Award… and the many other experiences she's gained from IABC.

Troy Hunter of Telstra was amazed at the Linkedin invitations, speaking requests and job offers he received after winning his Gold Quill. His story provides a great insight into the career benefits of the Quills programme.

Monika Lancucki has been the proud recipient of one Gold Quill and three Bronze Quill awards. Benefit from Monika's experience by reading the lesson's she's learned from her successful Quills experience.


Everything you need to know

Many great Australian communicators have enjoyed the career benefits that a Quill Award can bring. Here's all the information you need to join them.

A world of recognition

As a global award, a Gold Quill says something very important about you. It says you're capable of delivering best practice communications that are recognised not just by your colleagues but by communicators the world over. For more information, go to the Gold Quill awards web site.

There are 47 categories of Gold Quill awards spanning the full range of communications, as well as many marketing and digital, functions. This gives you incredible flexibility and allows you to benchmark your work against like projects. What's more, Gold Quills aren't your typical 'who's best' award. They're based on the level of excellence achieved. Some years there could be several winners in any particular category… and some years none.

The Gold Quill awards call for entries booklet (pdf format) will help you choose the category that's right for you.


Career benefits that last

A Gold Quill is the gift that keeps on giving to your career. As many recipients have found, the benefits can start straight away by expanding your networks and creating job and speaking opportunities.

But the benefits go well beyond that. A Gold Quill enhances your reputation (both internally and externally), gives you the personal brand of an innovator and provides a resume highlight that will be recognised worldwide for the rest of your career.

Read what Amy Baird, Troy Hunter and Monika Lancucki have to say about the benefits of earning a Gold Quill. 

Straightforward entry process

Turning your great achievements into a Gold Quill entry is a straightforward process – and IABC provides loads of support along the way.

To start your journey, go to the 2014 Gold Quills web site. This provides a wealth of information about the awards themselves, entry procedures and judging criteria.

Download a pdf copy of the Gold Quills call for entries booklet. This will help you choose the right entry category for you.

Check out the interactive 'Midas Touch' guide. It's full of tips and ideas that can really make a difference.

Read case studies of two winning projects – from Australia's Paula Hurley and from Jo Alexander, the global head of communications for HSBC Bank.

For IABC members, there's also a knowledge base of Gold Quill winning case studies from 2001 up to 2011. You'll need to log into the IABC global site to view them.

We can also help by providing an experienced mentor to guide you. Contact Alison Gillies for more information


Entries close March 10

Submissions for the 2014 Gold Quill Awards close on March 10. That means there's just one month left to enter.

So, what are you waiting for? You can enter online at the 2014 Gold Quills web site.

This will put you in the running for both a Gold Quill and a Bronze Quill award. The Bronze Quill is a special award given to any Victorian Gold Quill entry that makes it to the Blue Ribbon judging stage.

You can also contact Alison Gillies – the Education Chair of IABC Victoria – for more information.

In fact, if you are planning to enter, we'd love to hear from you… and maybe we can help.