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From Montreal to London, New Jersey to Singapore – and very soon to Melbourne! – IABC members around the world have been teaming up to experience the fun of Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders.  The real-life simulation has proved to be a hugely successful method to get communications professionals thinking about how they navigate career twists and turns, while building personal and organisational reputation.

First presented at the IABC World Conference in New Orleans in 2016, the scenario-based workshop was developed by long-time IABC members and leaders, Stephen Welch FRSA and Casilda Malagon FRSA.  The response was so positive that the creators saw an opportunity in the making.

The founders went on to set up a global training business that has delivered the CS&CL to thousands of professionals in the UK, Europe, Canada, USA, Singapore, Australia. It’s been used in groups as diverse as IABC, the UK Government Cabinet Office, the Canadian Centre for Excellence in Public Sector Marketing, Leeds University Business School, Roche, GSK and GAVI – The Vaccine Alliance.

Closer to home, NSW recently ran the CS&CL workshop and the participants gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up. Megan Thomas, Co-VP of IABC NSW Board and Change Management Lead, described it as ‘one of the most strategic, practical, and fun events for communication professionals that I’ve ever attended.’

Megan and the other participants worked in teams to navigate various, tricky scenarios that many of us would recognise in our own day to day work settings. Putting themselves in the shoes of Carmen Spinoza, Head of Communications, the teams had to consider how decisions and unexpected developments would be received by different personalities on the executive team. Sound familiar?

‘We had lots of lively debate in our table group to make the best decision for the business and for Carmen’s reputation’, said Megan.  ‘The creators of the game clearly have a good understanding of the challenges in corporate communication roles.’

IABC Vic members now have a chance to experience the fun of Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders for themselves. IABC Vic is hosting the workshop on Wednesday 28 April at The Hub in Docklands. Click the link below to book your spot. Places limited so get in quick to see for yourself why this unique workshop has taken off around the world.

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