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Troy Hunter, who works in Employee Engagement at Telstra is a 2013 Gold Quill and Bronze Quill recipient. Here, he shares his Quills experience with IABC Victoria's Education Chair, Alison Gillies.


Hi Troy. What made you decide to enter the IABC Gold Quills?

I was working on a significant change project that had a strong communications focus and the measures I had were showing some great initial results. I was thinking it might be a good candidate for an entry anyway and then a colleague (and prior Gold Quill winner) suggested I should enter, so then I knew it was a good idea.

How did you go about selecting which of your completed projects to put forward? 

That part was easy because it was a big change project that was very employee focussed and links back into business results. 


Which resources did you find most helpful in supporting you in getting it done?

For me the best resource I used was looking at past winning entries of two colleagues to see what a winning entry looked like: tone, detail, format, how stats and measures were presented etc. Also, being able to see the scoresheet template up front was really useful to make sure every section of my entry properly addressed what was required.


What benefits have you experienced from winning a Gold Quill?

The award has certainly raised my profile in the industry and with my peers. When my win was first announced there was even a rush of invites from LinkedIn from people I’d never met, some asking if was I was looking for a new job! It also opened a few doors, such as people asking me to speak on employee engagement at different events. 


Was the feedback on your submission useful?

It was great and insightful – and will be invaluable next time round.


Would you do it again?