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Last month IABC Victoria held its second #Talk55 event, following the success of the format in 2015. Speakers had just five minutes to present five slides on a communications trend or topic of their choice.  In case you missed this popular event, or if you just want to re-live it, we’ve captured the 10 most memorable quotes from the night.


1. From betrayal to trust: Why trust is the new currency in communication

“In business, trust is like oxygen. Trust is built in small moments.  Every interaction we have with someone is an opportunity to build trust or betray.”

Marie-Claire Ross, Chief Corporate Catalyst & Founder, Corporate Culture Creator


 2. Tips for making better DIY video content

“A three minute video of a talking head is just a PDF gone wrong. You need to be creative, engaging and succinct with your video content. Tell your story in pictures.”

Chris Riordan, Senior Digital Media Advisor, Department of Health & Human Services


3. Translating Agile

“In the world of ‘Agile’, communicators need to let go. So #letitgo – done is better than perfect.”

Dr. Jennifer Frahm, Director, Conversations of Change


4. Close encounters of the human kind: neurodiversity within the human spectrum

“The concept of neurodiversity will rise in prominence … At work, we’ll stop celebrating that ‘Type-A’ employee and you’ll see a range of cognitive abilities and communication styles channeled and optimised for the success of the organisation.”

Kate B. van der Drift, Communications Manager – Channels & Content production, Australia Post


5. Dylan did it first: Pivot, persevere or perish

“Bob Dylan was never afraid to change direction. In fact he pivoted multiple times in his career. When you work on a project, there will eventually come a time when you have to choose between persevering with your idea or pivoting. Make the wrong choice and you and your idea will perish.”

Stanley Johnson, Creative Director, MYOB


6. The evolution of storytelling: How content killed the press office

“The traditional press office model is dying. Hunger for content is rising. Communicators specialising in media relations need to re-think their model and measurement. Good-bye press officers … hello multimedia content producers.”

Verity Lowe, Strategy Director at Keep Left

Good-bye press officers


7. Why we need to embrace thought leadership

“The world doesn’t need more noise, platitudes and group-think. But we DO need more good ideas and thoughtful commentary around those ideas. It’s time to embrace our thought leaders!”

Trevor Young, Founder/CEO, PR Warrior


8. Seen and heard: How notable women are leading new communications

“In a social world, a modern leader is a visible leader. Train your female leaders, especially customer-facing women, to be visible and social. They are usually great communicators who use authenticity to build connections to existing customers and new audiences. ANZ Notable Women are a great example of this.”

Amanda Gome, Founder/MD, Notable Media

Train your female leaders to be visible

9. Bedside manner: why communication and engagement is vital to disrupting the healthcare sector

“Communicating change relies on trust in any area of society but especially in healthcare. A key is to humanise your products and show how technology improves lives rather than focusing on the technology itself.”

James Howe, Group Manager Communications & Marketing, Telstra Health


10. Mastering business storytelling

“An effective business storyteller can tell the difference between a story and not a story. You can test your story spotting skills at”

Shawn Callahan, Founder & Author of Putting Stories to Work