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Have you considered getting certified as a professional communicator? The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC®) offers two types of certifications based on the IABC Global Standard for communications professionals.

The first, the Communication Management Professional (CMP) is for professionals who are established in their careers and want to demonstrate their competence, and the second, the Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP) is for highly-skilled professionals practiced in providing strategic communications advice and counsel to organisational leadership. Recognised globally, these two certifications are built upon six core principles: ethics, strategy, analysis, context, engagement, and consistency.

Earning one of these certifications demonstrates your deep level of professional communication knowledge and commitment to keeping up-to-date with current practices. For those of us working in communications, becoming a CMP or SCMP is a rare opportunity to be recognised for our skills and drive work confidence. As with any credentialing or further qualifications, the ability to showcase your abilities can lead to promotions and higher earning potential, as well as raising your profile within your company and wider industry.

If you’d like more information about certification IABC Victoria will hold a webinar in July along with IABC APAC where you can hear first hand from some of our certified members and listen to GCCC representative, Sia Papageorgiou FRSA, SCMP, who will explain the benefits and “how-to’s” of certification. Send us any questions you would like answered in the webinar! We will hold an exam later this year for anyone who would like to get certified, so please get in touch with us at as soon as possible so that we can guide you through the process!